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    Epic new competition - Win 1 of 3 Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd gen media players

    Google TV, Google Assistant and Chromecast built-in.
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    Navasolar Trolley Inverters

    I got my 3kw must trolley earlier in the week, but have not actually used it apart opening it and charging it. I now went through the settings, and all seemed to be same as the recommended, apart from setting #3, which others state should be 230V but mine is 220V. Should I change it? I know I...
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    Navasolar Trolley Inverters

    Was thinking the same thing. The company I am considering, has been in business for 5 years so they are not fly by night, but the warranty bit still makes me skeptical - not meaning they wont honour it, but more like it might take weeks rather than days if a problem arises.
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    Do a speed test – win your share of R5,000 cash

    ISP: Vox Telecom Ping: 2ms Download: 54.14Mbps Upload: 49.61Mbps Test your speed:
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    dtsv and openview on 1 dish

    DSTV is dropping some ETV channel that my mom watches, and it is apparently on Openview. So I want to buy my mom an Openview decoder and use the existing dish, thus having DSTV and Openview, which seems like it is possible. What do I need to do/buy to do this? I'm thinking a splitter of some...
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    My partner ordered, took about 3 weeks to arrive with aramax. Had free shipping though so we're not complaining. Had a small customs fee. All was well packaged in a big plastic envelope. Their sizing is great just remember to look at the reviews their are actual everyday people who post pictures...
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    The PC Build Thread

    I currently have a 4th gen i5, and am planing to upgrade just after payday. I'm looking at an upgrade kit, as I only need a new mobo, cpu and ram. For 7k, I can get a Core i5 10400F (cpu) ROG STRIX B460-H (mobo) and 16GB (3200 mhz ram). Technically my budget is 6,5k :D Is the above a wise...
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    Will 3x2GB and 1x8GB RAM sticks work together

    I got it to work with 2x 2gb and 1x 8gb, unsure why it can't be 3x 2gb but it might be due to channels or something. Btw my 2gb modules are actually 2000MHz, not 1333 as I thought, so my system is now running 12gb at 1600MHz
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    Will 3x2GB and 1x8GB RAM sticks work together

    I have a h81-gamer motherboard, and currently running 4x 2gbd ddr3 1333MHz modules. Can I swap 1 of the modules for a 8gb ddr3 1600MHz module, which I can get for less than R300? And if so, would it matter in what slot I install it?
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    GTX 1060 6Gb or RX580 8Gb

    Sorry to derail slightly, but @ponder what do you think of the 'Gigabyte GTX 1070 windforce OC 8gb' that mentioned above? We are looking for 2 cards so this might be worth a look, and what would you offer if this was you? Reviews seem scarce on this card.
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    The Bodybuilders Thread: Circuit II

    My b/f was at 12.8% in the last week of Nov, I am sure if has gone up to like 14% now *sigh darn Christmas holidays* I would like to go down to about 10%, I was stuck between 11-13% for pretty much 2yrs, thus me looking for some help from clen or something similar. I don't want to go high...
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    The Bodybuilders Thread: Circuit II

    Anybody ever used Clenbutrol (or clen for those in the know)? It seems to be a (relatively speaking) safe steriod.
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    Test your broadband speed, rate your ISP, and win prizes worth R5,000

    ISP: Cell C Ping: 3ms Download: 20.9Mbps Upload: 20.05Mbps Test your speed: Rate your ISP: 4/5 stars
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    How much forex can I change to local

    There is paperwork that came with the card that says "no withdrawals allowed in southern africa" Also work states it is a use it or lose it option, so if I return it to them then any remaining funds is returned.
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    How much forex can I change to local

    So I am going abroad for 6 weeks, and my work is giving me a weekly living allowance. This will be loaded onto a pre-paid debit card. By my calculations I can save around 20-30% each week of my allowance without even trying. Now my question is, on my return how much $$ (in cash which I withdrew...
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    Car Sound Installation - Riviona Car Sound or Sound Louder (Jhb)

    Has anyone had any dealings with Riviona Car Sound or Sound Louder as I am looking at having a new head unit installed in my car, and this installation will involve a new fascia trim plate unit as my car currently cannot fit a double din unit. These 2 places seem to be the only ones in JHB that...
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    Win tickets to the Emirates Lions vs Blues game this weekend

    by any chance any tix left?