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  1. tRoN

    Cleaning solar panels

    How often does it need to be done ? What do you use to clean them ?
  2. tRoN

    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 August 2023 to 31 July 2024

    Don’t cancel your medical aid. Rather downgrade to the lowest entry level plan because when you restart there will be waiting periods and higher premiums
  3. tRoN

    Johannesburg to Clarens

    Thanks Which is the best time of the year ? Best place to stay at ? Can I fly my drone there ?
  4. tRoN

    Johannesburg to Clarens

    Never been to Clarens but hear people speak of it. What’s there to do there that you can’t do in Johannesburg?
  5. tRoN

    Shelly 1 Sellers

    So there is no official Shelly distributor in SA anymore ?
  6. tRoN

    When did you start saving for your retirement?

    I told my kids to start contributing to my insurance policy when they start working. It’s the cheapest and most lucrative investment they will make. Any savings or investments I have I will liquidate and spend till I die. If I run out before I die I will threaten my kids that I will cancel the...
  7. tRoN

    Can somebody tell me what causes this eratic fibre behaviour?

    Do you connect the LAN to the ONT or the router ? What should the traceroute results look like ? What about if I’m using Vox/Vuma ?
  8. tRoN

    Tax hikes on sub-R500 Temu and Shein clothing orders

    So you prefer paying more taxes to the ANC instead of paying more to the retailer who employs your third cousin who was fathered by the postman ?
  9. tRoN

    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    What’s the rush? It’s your own money. How old are you again ?
  10. tRoN

    The Battery Thread (Solar / Inverter)

    So I ended up sending all 4 of my batteries as the other 3 appeared slightly swollen as well. They did the logs and informed me they will replace the “other” 3 which is stupid. My installer is fighting with them to explain why they main swollen battery which was the master is not being...
  11. tRoN

    Aramex global shopper

    Can I import honey and get AGS to deliver ? Any restrictions on this ?
  12. tRoN

    Audi gets seal of approval from King Charles as brand is awarded royal warrant

    Audi UK awarded royal warrant from King Charles Firm given honour, as a supplier of motor vehicles to the Royal Household, for the next three years
  13. tRoN

    Melon Mobile unlimited offer

    My wife who has family out of town that she needs to gossip with
  14. tRoN

    Melon Mobile unlimited offer

    What constitutes “abuse” exactly? You asked to be reloaded 3 times yet I asked for 2 ? What makes your usage less abusive than mine ? As an unlimited service, why asked to be “reloaded” in the first place ?
  15. tRoN

    Melon Mobile unlimited offer

    So why do you get special privileges when the rest of the subscribers were being directed to their crappy FUP limit of minutes ??
  16. tRoN

    Melon Mobile tried to cap "unlimited" plans - but reversed course after backlash

    Melon changed their terminology from “unlimited” to “uncapped”. I was just about to report them to the ASA as well before they turned around their policy
  17. tRoN

    Melon Mobile unlimited offer

    Are you retarded? The system changed on 17 April
  18. tRoN

    Melon Mobile unlimited offer

    The whole point of this thread is that they changed their terms and you couldn’t reload any more minutes for free like you describe