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    Sub R3000 / cheaper phones

    Yes, it is a good phone. I was going to get it prepaid, but went with a contract with Y6 2018 instead. They usually offer phones with a prepaid SIM. The one from Cell C or Telkom should be dual SIM. It is also written on the box whether dual or a single SIM.
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    Sub R3000 / cheaper phones

    Good to see Huawei Y3 2018 @R999 again. Ackermans has a latest version Y3 2018. Version II was 2016, very old, then was a 2017 version. Y3 2018 is important as it has a modern Android version Oreo Go. Same as Nokia 1 and Vodacom Kicka 4. Year 2018 was important for low cost phones.
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    Sub R3000 / cheaper phones*,*,*
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    Sub R3000 / cheaper phones

    I agree. However Huawei don't want to sell Y7 in high volume. The release sequence is pushing you towards more expensive phones. Maybe exception are Y7/Y6, but Y7 price doesn't look attractive comparing to P Smart and Y6 version selling by Telkom (Pro) do not have a fingerpring sensor...
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    New mobile data and network rules proposed

    That is what they are going to achieve without lowering prices. Whe should rather talk about data not expiring.
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    Health and safety being ignored

    A time to organise folks this night and improve public safety.
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    New mobile data and network rules proposed

    Report by a Competition Commission and it has nothing to say about competition. It doesn't deserve comments.
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    UK to impose tougher rules on Huawei's 5G network

    Allowing Huawei into [...] would cause allies to doubt our ability to keep data secure under our surveliance and erode the trust essential to Five Eyes cooperation.”
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    Intel unveils powerful new 9th-Gen CPUs

    If doesn't say SPECTRE/MELTDOWN free, I say, NO - THANK YOU.
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    Streaming high-quality music in South Africa - The price

    To help editors, there is a screenshot from Huawei Music app, streaming settings. BTW, SQ is a CD quality lossless FLAC. Many of the titles can be downloaded for offline play.
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    Best gadget reviewing websites

    You shouldn't follow that sites. Use your brain and get to the specialised review sites (not a generic gadget things).
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    The Huawei P30 (non-Pro) Review

    Just carefully chose a side. I am with Huawei. :)
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    Font Size - How Low do you Go?

    Using default text on Y7. There is no display size settings on EMUI 8.2. You must have 9.
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    Android Pie removes call recording ability

    There is another thread with a title "Android 9....". Read it all:
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    According to Microsoft, I now reside in Lehae, Gauteng

    It takes your auto assigned public IP, I guess. It is where your ISP exit point is located (or registered in DNS).
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    The Huawei P30 (non-Pro) Review

    It will be a war.
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    Static IP + Unrestricted APN + Router with IP Passthrough

    Look for DMZ on the LTE router menu. Static IP of your router on the LAN, YES. It is how it is done.
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    Streaming high-quality music in South Africa - The price

    To many people can hear difference, but on a very high end equipment and it is not better than 24/88 or 24/96 in general. In other words it is not worth. I noticed that MQA releases are specially mastered to address MQA weakeness, it is very alarming trend. Also the equipment use a different...