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    Whatsapp in a far away land...

    I am going to the far east and want to keep my current Whatsapp account. Will it work if I use it over wifi? Any tips/tricks to make this work without cellular data (only wifi)? thx
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    Just letting y'all know. CellC cant support anymore people.

    Their network is totally overloaded! Have had disconnection problems since the start of the year. A CellC technician came to my place to test speeds and whatnot, and he said there's nothing they can do to better my experience. So, DO NOT BUY CellC Dongle. I am 400m from on of the...
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    Office 2011 H&S vs iWork

    My father will be getting his first mac in a couple of weeks. He only needs basic "office" apps, so iWork-like features will suffice. BUT, he is obviously used to Office. What I want to know is, what are the limitations of Office HOME & STUDENT 2011 e.g. why is it cheaper. And if I...
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    Selling your iMac. What to expect.

    What do you think one should be able to get for an imac these days. Starting at iMacs that are 2 years old. Also, would it be wiser to sell it or to give it to relatives. What do you usually do, and how has it worked out for you?
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    Command+Ctrl+D = NOTHING. Please help.

    Why does Command+Ctrl+D not do anything in Chrome or Preview. It works in Apps like Mail and Safari. Thanks.
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    Macbook Pros update?

    When is the next Macbook Pros update suppose to be? 1 months, 2 months, 3 months...2 months...?
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    Keep your jPods!

    I wonder if products released in the time of Jobs will have great value in the future after he leaves Apple? iWonder how quick it will happen and how much the rise in value would be... :p
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    iOS on 21'' screen

    With new event people are speculating on 10.7 being the first step towards iOSness. But have any of you thought of how it might be? Would iOS work on a screen larger than 13"? I guess what i'm asking is: Would they have to build a new OS or can iOS be a base for such an OS. I'm...
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    XP market domination. How long?

    How long do you think XP will rule PCs. Will Windows "x" dominate within the next 15 to 20 years?
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    Do you use Smartfolders and how?

    Do you use Smartfolders and how? It seems like it should be a "cool feature" but i havn't found a use for it yet. Have you?
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    Who do you trust more? Android or iOS

    Which operating system would be the first to get spyware/malware? Which one do you think will get more? I want to go Android but they are getting quite popular and i don't know if Google have secutity priorities.
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    Any switchers from Android to iPhone?

    Are there anyone that switched from Android to iPhone and why. How has your experience been different(good or/and bad)? or even vice versa.
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    10.7 when?

    Do you think OS X 10.7 will come out later this year ?
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    Where to pitch a software idea...

    I know this sounds kindof cliche/lame but: If i have a crazy software idea, where would the best place to pitch it be. The idea is kind of to the scale of twitter/digg/facebook? Thanks.
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    who of you have deleted their Facebook account?

    I deleted my Facebook account. How many of you have already or are planning to? Ps.Check this out:
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    to jailbrake or not to jailbrake

    I know this is a topic that has been ridden to its bones on some forums, but i couldn't find it clearly in this one. I know the pros, but is it worth it and is there a chance that the phone will be bricked? Ps. i realise that i'm posting this on a geek forum and probably 90% of you have...
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    GPS Forts?

    Do anyone know if there is a Fort-game out there that uses GPS location? You know, the classical game of 2 cannons battling it out by setting the angle and power to shoot a cannonball. (Crap this is hard to explain, but i think people will understand) Ps. hope this is the right place to post...
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    macs at work

    I would like to know if there are some people out there (most probably in the design industry) who has experience of macs in the workplace. How is(?) your experience and what kind of problem do you REGULARLY (if any) experience? This could also involve apple servers.