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    Exporting goods to Namibia

    Morning, I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge on exporting a good to Namibia. I am a small business and have not done any exports. I've got an order worth R30k that would need to go via road freight. Would anyone know of the documents required at the border etc. Can this be done?
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    Windows 10 - Killed my Factory restore :(

    Hi Has anyone tried to upgrade to windows 10 (from Windows 7). Absolutely hate it, then went back to windows 7 and now the laptop is just as useless? I have been trying to restore my dell Vostro laptop to factory settings but it won't allow me anymore to do it. keeps getting an error...
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    Car finance - How much does one qualify for?

    I am in the process of looking for a car to buy. How does one go about knowing how much you can afford? I have contacted a dealer who is obviously overly keen to try and get your sale. However, it would be pointless if you dont know roughly how much you qualify for. If I earn R9k a month and...