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  1. 8BitLife

    Isuzu parts in Randburg?

    Anybody know where I can buy Isuzu parts in Randburg or surrounds? I have tried Goldwagen but they have very limited stock and mostly only for the newer post-2010 models. At the moment I am looking for a caliper. Thanx in advance.
  2. 8BitLife

    Weird metal sound from Isuzu KB300 (Video link included)

    As the title says, while driving, I have metally sound coming from the right front side. Tried to upload the video here but MyBB said it is too big. So here is a link instead: Not the best video I know, but you can here the sharp sound in the video. Only happens...
  3. 8BitLife

    Squeaking sound from driver side brake

    Hi all. Desperately hoping someone can give advice here. I have 98 Golf 3. Last year some time I took my car to have the shocks replaced. The place called back and said my break pad on the driver side is done. I replaced both break pads. Bout 3 or 4 months later, I started hearing this...
  4. 8BitLife

    Anyone know where I can find splitter cable for fan connection on mobo?

    Looking for something like this: (Pic attached also below) Takealot can only deliver 2 weeks from now. So looking for something similar that can deliver sooner. But yah, need to connect 4 fans to it.
  5. 8BitLife

    Need some help with PCI-e riser extension

    Hi, I recently did my first PC build and I made a what I guess is a noob mistake. I got a micro ATX instead of a standard ATX. So after I put in my new GPU, it blocked access to the two remaining PCI-e 1X slots. I now need to get something like the below...
  6. 8BitLife

    Any reason why downloads from Epic Games are so much slower than just about any other provider?

    Title pretty much says it all. Whenever I download from Steam, or pretty much anywhere else, my download speeds are exactly what I pay for. But whenever I download from Epic Games, I get about 50% to 60% of what my connection can handle. Sometimes it briefly shoots up to full speed but mostly I...
  7. 8BitLife

    Question about vaping

    Hope I am posting in the right place. But I am a smoker and the time has come for me to let go of my muse, Marlboro Gold. Tried quitting cold turkey many times before and never worked so wanna give this vaping thing a try. I am looking at buying the Smok Novo Pod System but have a few...
  8. 8BitLife

    Difference between MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Gaming X 6GB and ASUS TUF GeForce GTX 1660 Gaming OC Edition 6GB?

    I'm sure this will be a stupid question for many, but can anyone tell me why the Asus TUF 1660 OC is R1500 cheaper than the MSI 1660 (not OC) on Evetech? Fair enough, the Asus one is on special, but still, why SO MUCH cheaper? Apart from the OC part, aren't they essentially the same card? Both...
  9. 8BitLife

    Any SMEs owners in the export business looking for a local foreign currency account?

    Hi, As the title states, I am looking to talk to people who own a small to medium enterprise in the export business who is interested in a local USD/GBP/EUR account (known as a CFC account) for you business. The benefit of this account for your business: When you receive USD/GBp/EUR as payment...
  10. 8BitLife

    Structured Product

    Hi, Not sure how people feel about structured products, but there might be interest in the following one: FTSE 100 Autocall Structure Performance based on performance of FTSE 100 index. You will thus be investing in the performance of global companies like Barclays, BP, Vodafone...
  11. 8BitLife

    So Mweb charges more for capped fibre than uncapped fibre?????

    As attached image shows, Mweb charges R10/m more for a 100GB capped 10/2 connection than they charge for an uncapped 10/2 connection. Can someone explain this to me???
  12. 8BitLife

    Are humans OP?

    Totally related to gaming.
  13. 8BitLife

    Anyone else seeing this snafu in the Axxess/Cell C fixed wireless ad?

    Check if you can get 20GB for the price of 50GB???? :unsure:o_O:oops:
  14. 8BitLife

    Any Seacom (used to be MacroLan) clients on here?

    I'm looking to get fibre through Vumatel (as they are the only fibre provider in my area) and I have been doing some research as to which ISP I should use. My preferred option is actually Rocketnet as they have stellar reviews and their packages are well-priced. Except for the installation. On...
  15. 8BitLife

    Golf 3 cutting out in rain

    Hey, So I am by no means a rich guy and when I had to buy a car, the best I could afford for my budget (I thought at the time) was a 98 Golf 3. Had it about 2 years now and it has a persistent problem of the engine cutting out when it rains and I drive through a puddle of water. I make a point...