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    Returning my Takealot order - An awesome experience

    Had the same issue. Paid for next day delivery, only to be told the next morning that they forgot to load the parcel , and if I could go and collect it from one of their hubs
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    How a Vegan, Alcohol-Free Christmas is taking over the world

    Don’t worry vegan prohibitionists , I’ll consume double to get the stats back up
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    Any ETA or Plans for fibre in specific Pretoria Areas

    Dude, don’t hold your breath. I’m in capital park, and the prospects look bleak. I guess were not rich enough for fibre or poor enough that it’s a political plus
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    Telkom Uncapped LTE Deal - My Trials So Far...

    Yes and if you contact them they say it’s because of the FUP and you are being throttled (300gb cap, I think not)
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    Test your speed, rate your ISP, win great prizes worth R5,000

    Telkom (blech!) Capital Park Pretoria
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    Takealot CEO says it will be profitable in 2 years

    There was a guy in the newspapers also complaining about this and in the end they refunded him. Basically if the invoice says it’s a promotion item. Then tough, they have to refund. But it is takealot and they will go out of their way to screw you over
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    Telkom Uncapped LTE Deal - My Trials So Far...

    Yes , that’s the one. Used to be able to watch kodi. But now it’s just not happening. Like I said, yesterday even Netflix suffered
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    Telkom Uncapped LTE Deal - My Trials So Far...

    Yes I’m also down to 1mb. Kodi is basically useless from the afternoon onwards. Even Netflix struggled (then you know it’s bad)
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    To Get A Dog or Not To Get A Dog!

    Definitely. But as stated before , try to adopt. You will not get a more loyal companion as one you save. They are just extra special.
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    Discovery Bank problem with credit card debit orders

    Kinda like they deducted interest twice in the same month. According to them it’s not a big, it’s a feature
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    Test your mobile speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    MTN Pretoria Capital Park
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    Pretoria - Moot FTTH Movement

    I feel your pain dude. The one fibre company, think it starts with a B or some such, their plans for fibre end just a street above my house. So flower will get fibre, malherbe not.
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    Pretoria - Moot FTTH Movement

    Jip. The one ISP said we are fibre ready, until I phoned them and asked. Then it was just oops
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    Pretoria - Moot FTTH Movement

    What the hell, geez Mountain View has fibre??!! For shame! One day when fibre is old tech and isp want to get rid of it, maybe THEN they’ll try to push it to capital park
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    Pretoria - Moot FTTH Movement

    Hey Frogfoot, how about capital park ? You know that small green patch all you fibre guys are desperately trying to ignore
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    Telkom Uncapped LTE Deal - My Trials So Far...

    Anyone else have connection issues? Just a red light, no network connection . Not on 1800 or 2300
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    Telkom Huawei B315 failing to connect

    Welk my Telkom LTE is completely dead. Red light just popped up a couple of minutes back