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    Become an ISP... How?

    Hello all Not sure I'm posting in the right place but here goes.. How does one actually go about becoming an ISP? Step 1 - MONEY. Yes yes, step 1 also - ICASA licences. Let's say I have these... How does one then actually provide internet services, particularly over fibre, to customers...
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    Best way to network Apartment buildings?

    Something like such? *Actual building and apartment numbers scaled down. Would this give each apartment a Gigabit connection to master switch if Cat6 and Gigabit switches used?
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    Best way to network Apartment buildings?

    What would the roundabout cost for the fibre be? I'm assuming a home-run from each building to the central point + a fibre router/switch? Are they not expensive? **Almost zero fibre knowledge. Even less installation knowledge.
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    Best way to network Apartment buildings?

    Hello all Looking for some insight on what the best way would be to network 7 apartment buildings together... Basically the internal reticulation is easy as there are already conduits with space available. So, switches in the db box and a cable to each apartment. Question is: How to network...
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    P2P installation

    Which area roundabout? I have only personal experience .
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    P2P installation

    Is this for personal/private or commercial?
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    PowerBeam ISO 400 low throughput - not aligned

    Hello all Just deployed a PtP with PBE ISO Gen2's to send a 200/100 fibre internet connection over 500m with Complete clear LoS. *Currently installled with "point and shoot" installation (no proper alignment yet - need to get some scaffolds to reach the height) and I get the signal and...
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    Help with Afrihost/Openserve PPPOE over Mikrotik

    UPDATE Fibre installed and running live! It is nothing short of Ah-May-Zing! :D See below:
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    Help with Afrihost/Openserve PPPOE over Mikrotik

    Duly noted - thanks.
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    Help with Afrihost/Openserve PPPOE over Mikrotik

    Nope. Still waiting for OpenServe to serve me :crying:
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    Help with Afrihost/Openserve PPPOE over Mikrotik

    Awesome. I think I realized after posting that it probably just means I'm replacing the D-Link with the MT as it's a WAN router and doesn't use a phone line so no need for the bridge hahaha!
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    Help with Afrihost/Openserve PPPOE over Mikrotik

    Thanks for all the info peeps! Much appreciated.:thumbsup: Now, would I be able to let the MT do PPPoE login to my ISP? I've already been given the D-Link DIR-825 as my router but would rather use the MT. As I have it now, my DSL routers are in bridge mode. I read somewhere the D-Link doesn't...
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    Help with Afrihost/Openserve PPPOE over Mikrotik

    Hi Currently running filter rules, mangle, PPPoE client and server and radius on RB750UP with two 10Mbit lines. Works great. Which would be better between RB750Gr3 and RB960PGS for the same setup but now running 200/100 OpenServe Fibre? Would any of these routers bottleneck and not allow the...
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    Miktotik Firewall Help

    Hi all I currently have a Mikrotik 750UP set up with PPPoE for client connections. Having some unaccounted bandwidth being used on main gateway and the following rule: ""add action=drop chain=input comment="Drop anything else!" seems to work to keep it out and the network running smoothly...
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    LiteBeam AC with Mikrotik

    Hello, Anyone able to please shed some light on how to get a client CPE (Ubiquiti LiteBeam AC 23dBi) with AirOS7 to connect to the internet via Mikrotik PPPoE Server? Network: Mikrotik RB750UP (Management, Dial PPPoE, PPPoE server) To Ubiquiti LiteBeam AC Sector (AP in Bridge mode)...
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    WISP Upstream Provider

    Hello all, So I've managed to successfully get my WISP off the ground with much help from users on this forum. Thanks! My WISP is at the moment still small scale and really just running to cover operational costs. (Still need ICASA Licensing etc.) Currently using Telkom ADSL line with...
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    Mikrotik PPPoE MTU issues?

    Hello all, I'm experiencing a problem with my Mikrotik PPPoE setup, in the sense that, some sites don't load at all when connecting via PPPoE. When connecting via DHCP, it works "okay-ish". Anyone able to shed some light on what the problem could be? Setup: ADSL Router - RB750UP -...
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    Mikrotik PPPoE Help

    Hello, I have the following network set up: DSL Router in Bridge mode --> MT RB750UP - Dial PPPoE, PPPoE Server --> Ubiquiti Bullet as Wi-Fi Access Point. The problem I am having is as follows: After configuration of PPPoE, NAT etc, network works fine. After a few days, internet...
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    Home router with high gain antenna

    Hi all, A question on antenna gain and EIRP: If I have a normal home router (TP-LINK843ND) that has 5dBi antennae, and I then replace one with a 14dBi directional antenna (TL-ANT2414A)...