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    SACP chant ‘One American, one bullet’ outside US embassy in Pretoria

    So who signed there at the bottom for the ANC?
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    Q: What profession are you in?

    Have a B.Eng - Electrical & Electronic degree and M.Eng in Electronic Engineering. I work in industrial automation: PLCs, SCADA, IT/OT, networking, VMs etc.
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    Eskom wants R1.8 billion for staff bonuses

    The article is a little light on any details. Who is asking for this? The workers, unions, executive, or random anonymous source?
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    Eskom ‘vulnerable’ with breakdowns over 13,000MW – but no load shedding planned

    They (we) are being saved because the demand is so low and all the industries are closed for the holidays. Edit: See they state that in the article too. Sorry.
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    The Mandalorian [SPOILERS]

    I'm calling it now that season 2 will be about getting him back.
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    Fire at Majuba Power Station in Mpumalanga is Extinguished

    Maybe the comrades just wanted to make sure that Cyril wasn't lying about the "sabotage" part...
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    Eskom wants tariff increase to recover load shedding losses

    Look, I hate Eskom as much as the next guy, but this article is garbage. Please read a proper one that explains everything much better. Interesting enough, I was at a lecture from a CA about how the...
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    Disney +

    I just always hit the "fastest server" in USA button. Hasn't let me down yet. Here's hoping.
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    Disney +

    Strange mine still worked last night and just tested on my phone.
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    KFC Masala crunch

    I don't know what I had over the weekend, but it's definitely not what you guys described. It had no taste, and no spice, and I almost died from choking on the dryness. After that the normal greasy original recipe chicken was amazing. Maybe a bad batch?!
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    Disney +

    One of my two VPNs still works.
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    Disney +

    It was touch and go over the weekend. Sometimes I don't know if it's the vpn they detecting or just the Disney+ service being down/busy.
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    Nelson Mandela Bay is drowning in rubbish

    It's a general problem. How many times have a driven behind some (in Cape Town) and then the entire KFC bag just goes out the window. If you argue with them they say it's ok, it's jist job creation...
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    Disney +

    I noticed that. Some say you can buy straight from Amazon if you change your profile location to USA. I'll try that next.
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    Disney +

    Got it working with a vpn and Apple subscription with a gift card to register.
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    Eskom CEO Announcement

    The fact that Jacob is a previous CEO should automatically disqualify him.
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    HBO - Silicon Valley

    This is one of the few shows I actually still find myself laughing out loud. Gilfoyle and Disnesh's relationship is hilarious! Also, those damn birds:laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    Great software which makes your life much easier

    I liked it more when they still had the desktop application, before they went online.
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    Zimbabwe electricity price shoots up by 320%

    Trying to recover the cost Eskom charges them perhaps?
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    What is the best mobile phone you have ever owned?

    I loved my Sony Ericsson k810i. The camera and audio was amazing for the time.