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    4k 55 inch TV or 34 inch ultrawide for gaming

    Hey good people! I am busy planning out redoing the man cave, and the idea would be to have a lazyboy type chair and one of those lapboards for the keyboard and mouse, etc. Now, the big question that is on my mind is do I get a 4k 55" TV, or one of those big ultra-wide pc monitors. So, guys...
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    20meg VDSL with my ASUS DSL-N14U compatible

    Hi guys I just found out that our exchange now supports up to 20meg adsl! Now, I have a Asus DSL-n14u router - on Asus's website it doesn't say anything about VDSL, but it is ADSL2 and ADSL2+ allowing speed of up to 24mbps down. From the site: ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ multimode AnnexA,AnnexB...
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    Pinnacle Africa, Bloemfontein branch - worst mistake buying from them

    Hey everyone I just wanted to share what happened earlier this year with me and dear old Pinnacle in Bloem. Now, I'm down in the Cape, but my customer in this case is in Colesberg, so it made sense to order from the Bloemfontein branch. With me sitting down here, I asked the branch to...
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    My friends game, Star Chronicles: Delta Quadrant

    Good evening good people! A good friend and I have started playing around the last few years with game development, but he actually had some more time to spend on it, and have actually finished his first proper game. It is called Star Chronicles: Delta Quadrant. It's a Scifi Turn Based...
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    Wirelessly connecting two properties about 450m from each other

    Hi guys I wonder if anyone here can help me - my father-in-law and I want to setup a wireless network between our two places - we're about 450m as the crow flies from each other, and line-of-sight I think will be possible with a pole or two. Main reason is he's on the one plot in town...
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    Loadout Review

    I've always liked shooter action games, and I remember a buddy and I used to LAN (with coax cables nonetheless!) Half-life 1 a decade and a half ago. I grew up in a small town, and it was basically just the two of us who played. Every now and again a 3rd guy would join in, but that wasn't very...
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    Suggestions on a Wifi ADSL Router

    Hi guys My old aging Billion 800VGT is starting to give me issues (I checked, the latest firmware is loaded) - for example, it shows the connection is there and everything, but when I try to browse I can't. Also, my wireless devices gets stuck on the "obtaining IP address" message -...
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    Phoning via my landline, but from my pc

    Hi guys, I hope you can help... I need to make lots of calls with my regular Telkom landline, but then I have to manually input the numbers when I dial them - do any of you know of a "phone" that I can operate from my PC (hope that makes sense) - something like a headset that's connected to...
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    How to get Afrikaans Predictive Text on your Android phone

    If you have a Samsung Galaxy S2, and you don't use the Swype keyboard feature (I haven't tried it yet...), then you would also have notice a flaw or 2 on the built-in keyboard it comes with... Yup, as you can see there's no comma! To type a comma, you have to press and hold the period key...
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    Weight Loss Challenge

    Hi guys! I really wanted to share this with you - I've been overweight pretty much since conception (that might be a slight exaggeration... my whole life basically). I've tried everything, from dieting to exercising, with nothing giving me any good results. Nothing pains me more than seeing...
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    Humble Indie Bundle

    Hi guys, another Humble Indie Bundle is available!!! - for those of you who don't know what it is, it's a bundle of indie (independent developed - in other words, guys who create games from their homes with no big budgets and so on) games - anyway, the humble indie bundle includes a few games...
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    Portal 1 Free on Steam till Monday!!

    Oh yeah! Free games are always welcome! Enjoy, it's a classic!
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    Asus GTX560 Ti and 500W PSU

    Hi guys, I'm about to buy myself a GTX560 Ti 1Gig card, (for about R2300) - I have a 500W PSU, will that be sufficient for the card? I have 4 hard drives in my case as well, don't know if that makes a huge difference though... I'm upgrading from my aging 8800GT, it's been more than 3 years...
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    Sony Ericsson C902 Ciphering message

    The wife's phone has been saying something about ciphering not being active while she's talking on the phone - does anyone perhaps know how to fix this? The bad thing is it peeps every few seconds while talking, and when it peeps you only hear the peep, and not the person you are talking to...
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    Direct Axis admits to having a SPAM DATABASE

    Yesterday I again got a spam phone call (with not even a real person on the other end!) from Direct Axis offering me a loan and I decided to take my complaint to Hello Peter, because they didn't take my name off their lists when I asked them to a few weeks ago... Anyway, see their response...
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    XBOX Live SA marketplace nothing to buy

    Does anyone know why there's so little content to purchase on the marketplace? Only a few items in the arcade section, and ZERO indie games :cry: I was so looking forward to get access to all the cool marketplace stuff, but there's nothing there!!! grrr
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    Characters ready for raiding?

    Hi All Since before I had battleping, I only ever got a ping of about 700ms, which I reckon would not have been quick enough to do the bigger 10 man or even 25 man raids (so I never bothered to do any of them). Since we moved, and battleping has shown up, I get around 250 - 300ms ping...
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    Media Center PC and Xbox 360 on same speakers?

    We have a Media Center PC, and an Xbox in the living room. Now, at the moment we have the 5.1 Logitech speaker setup (X540), and every time I want to play on the Xbox, I have to unplug the green jack from the PC, and into the Xbox with the supplied 3.5mm to RCA connector thingy. Is there a...
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    How much can I get for a Leadtek GeForce 9800GT 512MB

    A while ago one of my old pc's motherboards gave in, and I took a chance and tried to claim it from my insurance, and they actually replace the pc! (was a P4 with AGP graphics card - got it back in 2002!) Anyway, the new one came with a Leadtek 9800GT 512MB - now, I would like to sell that...
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    Billion router losing sync several times a day

    Hi All I have a "lovely" Billion 800VGT Router that I got from Telkom, but it loses sync several times a day, but then immediate reconnects after that. Some days it doesn't do it at all (that I notice at least). (when it does, the orange light flickers, then after about 30 seconds or so, its...