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    Hard evidence of Afrihost's deception and dishonesty

    I am starting a new thread as this should stand on its own. Relating to post: Afrihost stole R999.00 after denying my claim their website made an error Summary: Did "migration" from RAIN to Cell C on AH website using the facility they had coded to specifically do this. They sent another RAIN...
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    Afrihost stole R999.00 after denying my claim their website made an error.

    I attempted a migration from RAIN to Cell C. Had RAIN for almost a year. Wizard competed. I later receive a RAIN SIM instead of a Cell C SIM. Spoke to the support guy. He said they sent me a RAIN SIM because I don't have Cell C coverage. I do. I checked with Cell C. (Proof is here guys, check...
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    Afrihost website causes pain with RAIN = We pay for their mistakes

    I've been on RAIN for just over a year. I stuck it out as long as I could but decided to use the website "Migrate" button to hop over to Cell C. This is months after the 6 Month cancellation penalty period. The wizard took me to a coverage map, it passed and I moved on to confirm order. I find...
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    MTN the worst customer service in the country

    I have tried Hello Peter 3 times with pretty much the same generic standardised response. One would think what they say to you in reply to a complaint would be followed through, but in each instance nothing was done. I begged and pleaded with them to send me invoices in the post, but all I...