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    WiFi hotspot with controlled internet access

    Hi folks, Trying to explain what I need in a short title was just nearly impossible, but this is what I need to do. At our family holiday home, our internet is served using a fixed LTE connection. This basically consists of the standard Huawei router which I'll refer to as the main router...
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    Where can I find a gooseneck mount in SA?

    Hi folks, I'm looking for a gooseneck tube with a clamp on the one end and wall mount plate on the other. I plan to mount it on the wall and install a little camera into the clamp to point at my prepaid elec meter so that I can view the LCD display remotely. I found a company based in the USA...
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    Business fibre

    Hi folks, Busy educating myself on the establishment of a small service orientated public facing business and found that business fibre is just ridiculous in terms of cost per month. Cool Ideas for a 20/20 connection on Octotel is about R2500 pm EXCLUDING VAT ! So, is there anything that...
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    Nokia 6680

    vodacom3g, any news on when this phone is coming to SA? Looks like this phone fixes the shortfalls that the 6630 had - plus more features. See,,70878,00.html