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    Android Chrome auto history clearing?

    Wondering if we will ever see the auto clearing of browsing history etc. on our Android Chrome browsers similar to Edge on Android? Let us hear from all the droid experts out there :-)
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    Vodacom Data Roll over LIFO Not FIFO?

    Here is a heads up - Check if Vodacom is using the Data Roll Over FIFO system as required by law from 1 March 2019 on your account. We have a feeling they have skipped on a few accounts. This is NOT and April Fools Joke
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    Nokia 8 Sirocco March 2019 Security Patch?

    Wondering when/if the security patch for March will be released?
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    Android Whatsup and flash adds?

    We do not use Android or WhatsUp but see users regularly complain of display adds when using WhatsUp! Just wondering if these adds originate from the Facebook Messenger that is installed on these device or from another source like WhatsUp?
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    E272 Red Light Dimming ?

    I wonder if anyone knows if the red light around the circumference of this modem is supposed to dim when opening or opening of a new web page? Is this a sign that the PC power supply is laging in the supply of 5 volts? Thanks in advance for any advice.