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  1. ShaunSA

    Running World Cup Sign up please guys! Support Team SA and Captain Wayde van Niekerk :cool:
  2. ShaunSA

    Your sexist billboard sucks, ad watchdog tells fast-food chain
  3. ShaunSA

    Bakers Royal Creams WTF

    One of my favorite biscuits. Today's pack had so little icing the sides fell apart. Cheapskate Bakers! :mad:
  4. ShaunSA

    Royalty Shortbread Fingers

    What can I say :love::love::love:
  5. ShaunSA

    MyBB Feud of the Year 2019

    Yep it's that time of the year folks... To kick things of... Strumpets vs Gretians
  6. ShaunSA

    Google's WWC Doodle

    They've been splashing it around for ages now. I haven't seen a single doodle dedicated to the Cricket World Cup which is also on. A massive 3 pages thread :whistling...
  7. ShaunSA

    'Warrapen Keegan' dies in house fire in KZN
  8. ShaunSA

    Harry Potter - Wizards Unite

    Anyone pre-registered? You can reserve your code name till April 30th :cool:
  9. ShaunSA

    Mini Eet Sum-Mor's

    Grabbed a pack to snack on for lunch. They taste better than the normal ones! :cool:
  10. ShaunSA

    Katy Perry's ‘blackface’ shoes to be pulled from shelves after outcry
  11. ShaunSA

    Trail Running Question

    Trail running noob. Wtf is the difference between Open Male and Veteran Male? :oops:
  12. ShaunSA

    Post a pic of your erection

  13. ShaunSA

    Patricia De Lille names her new party "Good"
  14. ShaunSA

    Knott-Craig eyes ICASA job What are the chances of Paris retiring :(
  15. ShaunSA

    Alan Knott-Craig retires
  16. ShaunSA

    Powerline comms group up for sale I wonder if this has anything to do with ICASA's sudden haste to do the PLT reg's.
  17. ShaunSA

    Seacom to POP up in Joburg The excuses are starting to come in already :(
  18. ShaunSA

    Neotel's first consumer offering reviewed