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    Greenside Street fight

    Following on from Hugo bel die polisie and the Kyalami Estate Ninjas, we now see a street fight in Greenside Appears to be a twitter war becoming physical
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    Joburg residents abuzz over influx of flies

    I noticed an increase in flies recently and was wondering about this. Seems like its a bigger problem then i thought. I bought one of those hanging bag fly traps with bait to help with the situation, bag got full (hundreds of flies) in a week, but still get quite a few flies in the house...
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    Cheap small monitor

    Anybody can help with some suggestions for a really cheap and small monitor (even second hand will do)? I am looking to hook it up to my CCTV DVR, so really just need something basic. Can connect via VGA or HDMI. Thanks
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    Eskom Bank Fee Charges on Electricity Bill Payment

    Hi All, I received an email from Eskom yesterday indicating that they will be charging bank fees for people making payment via Debit card, Credit card or cash. Seems ridiculous to me. Is this even legal?
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    Experiences migrating Fibre to Afrihost

    Hi Guys, I am migrating from another ISP to Afrihost. I am finding it frustrating - not necessarily Afrihosts faults, but the whole thing of having to get the one ISP to release the line, the matter of the backbone provider and their role, and then Afrihost doing there part means there are a...
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    Water pipes banging when taps are closed

    At my home, the water pipes in the roof make a loud banging noise when we close some of the taps. I have had two plumbers come out to my place for a different matter and requested their view on how to resolve the issue. Plumber 1 suggested that they just need to securely fasten the pipes in...
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    Current ISP doesnt want to release line early

    I am migrating to Afrihost pure. I have paid for my notice period with my current ISP (1 months notice) and wanted them to release my line earlier so that i can start using Afrihost earlier. They are indicating they cannot release earlier as its they policy. Just wanted to find out if there is...
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    Home surveillance system

    Learned folk of MyBB, I need you advise regarding a home surveillance system. We will be hiring a nanny to take care of the kid soon, and with some of the horror stories of nannies abusing kids, we would like to have something to keep track of whats going on at home. Bonus is that we can also...
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    Jet-Air air conditioner issues

    Hey guys, Anybody able to help me trouble shoot issues with a Jet-Air air conditioner inverter? I set the unit to heating mode set the temperature to 24, fan on lowest setting. Device goes fine for a while, but then it just stops. I switch it off, on again nothing. I leave the unit like that...
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    Looking for SUV..

    Hey Guys, I am in the market for a SUV. Can be used (low mileage not more then 20k), demo or new. Budget is approx R450k. Some priorities for the vehicle, good boot space, automatic gearbox, reliable brands, safety (driver assist features), leather interior, must have pdc's or rear camera...
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    Fogger and Alarm System

    Hi guys, I want to set off a few fogger insecticides while we go on holiday. But i want to know, will this trigger the motion detectors for the alarm system?
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    Now you can booze while you cruise on William Nicol... or can you?
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    MTN Mobile data down?

    I am at Mall of africa, not getting any data throughput. Restarted my phone. Been like this for the last 10 mins
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    Pedestrian mowed down by taxi driving in the wrong lane

    This happens daily and i have seen it on several different roads. Madness.
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    Shower door Drip Rail

    Anybody know who sells shower door drip rails locally? Something like this:
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    Help on choosing a GoPro

    I need some help from the members of the forum. I would like to by a GoPro. Use case is for taking vids and pics while snorkelling and maybe some shallow diving, like on a reef. Maybe even just for taking some pics and videos while on holiday. I have no idea what to look for in these devices...
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    Month to month Contract with MTN or Vodacom

    I currently have a month to month contract on Cell C for my work phone. But signal is so poor in some areas it really makes doing my work a pain. There are other service issues too. Anybody know if MTN or Vodacom offer a month to month contract? I dont need a new handset. Essentially i need a...
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    Zuma falls asleep during Gordhan's mid-term budget speech
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    SABC to play 90% local music from tomorrow
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    The Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial

    The original "Oscar Pistorius Shoots Girlfriend" thread is located here.... ----------------------------- The media and civilians in general are making a lot of noise about how Hilton Botha didn't wear the shoe...