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  1. AlphaJohn

    Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro for free

    Well not entirely free but I was looking for a feature on Windows 10 that was only in Pro, was just about to buy an Upgrade for $99 when I saw someone mention why no upgrade from older version. So I tried it and worked. All you need is an old Windows 7, 8 or even 8.1 Pro key. Simply go to the...
  2. AlphaJohn

    Android N O P Q SPeed test same hardware.

    Very interesting how winner changes in the various steps till the end.
  3. AlphaJohn

    Fixed LTE SIm not working

    I have an Afrihost Cell-C LTE connection. Last night with the Escom Saga I thought I was gonna be clever and put the sim into my Cell phone. The phone did no pick up the sim at all. Returned it to my router thinking nothing of it. When power turned back on I found that my router now also report...
  4. AlphaJohn

    Crappy in-display fingerprint readers are ruining new phones

    Source: Personally I tend to agree that in display scanners are crap. What he did not cover is the reason I prefer rear scanners, and thats the rim around them that help me locate and unlock the phone while removing...
  5. AlphaJohn

    Skype installing itself?

    I just noticed that Skype installed itself on all my Windows 10 PC's, even worse it auto log'ed in and was hanging in my Tasks. Also see in the new Skype I don't see the quit Skype option either. I had to sign out before I could quit.... whats up with that? I normally mark apps that follow this...
  6. AlphaJohn

    The Phones Emitting the Most Radiation

  7. AlphaJohn

    Guess no more Rain Fixed LTE for me.

    I just can not handle RAIN's slow speed anymore. 0.6 Mb/s. The odd part was it was ok last year till late December then it just started to slow down to a halt. Getting support from them is also next to impossible. Bye bye Rain Fixed LTE, your uncapped option is killing your Fixed LTE service.
  8. AlphaJohn

    Google Bait and switch tactic.

    One of the big reasons to go for Android One seems to have quitly vanished off the Google site The 2 year OS upgrade guarantee. It use to sport this as a feature: but now is no where to be found. All you get now that you will get 3 years of...
  9. AlphaJohn

    MKBHD's Blind Camera test (Result might shock you)

    Surprised with the outcome.
  10. AlphaJohn

    MTN SIM or Phone Problem

    I have a rather strange problem: I have a MTN Sim in a Xiaomi Redmi 5a Phone where calls and SMS work fine but not data. Lets call this SIM A and Phone A I do have an identical contract MTN SIM with another Xiaomi Redmi 5a that do work no problems. Swapping SIM A and SIM B, Phone A still does...
  11. AlphaJohn

    Windows 10 (1809) Is out For those that can not wait for the rollout, or like me don't want each PC to download their own copy. Also on as per Fulcrum29 Official Whats New...
  12. AlphaJohn

    Motorola One (P30)

    Motorola also joining Android One program with this power beast: CPU: Snapdragon 636 Ram: (4 - 64),(3 -32),(6 - 64 China Only) Battery: 5000 mAh Headphone Jack, FM and USB / Type-C Pity Motorola is not in SA as I would much prefer this to some of the others in its class Xiaomi Mi A2 Vs Nokia...
  13. AlphaJohn

    Do you hate phone notches?

    I see loads of people complaining about the new notch OEM's use to reduce bezels and I wonder if the hate is purely because Apple (OK Essential phone had it 1st) did it? What I don't get is that we actively get more screen space as the notification Icons get moved to previously dead space, yet...
  14. AlphaJohn

    Home use bandwidth Cap

    What would be the best/cheapest way to implement a daily bandwidth cap (Not throughput limit) per ip-group for home use. Have a friend that wants to restrict his children to X amount of data per day. Only has a Huawei B315a at the moment and a monthly limit of 200 gig. Somehow his child managed...
  15. AlphaJohn

    Google looking to purchase WhatsApp: rumour

    Google negotiating $1 billion acquisition of WhatsApp Source: I was wondering when this would happen.
  16. AlphaJohn

    Ubuntu for phones unveiled

    Ubuntu Phone OS No this has nothing to do with Android or Ubuntu for Android... Source: Also see keynote