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    Buying an EV in South Africa

    I need to replace my current car around January and I really wanted to buy an EV. I have access power both at work and at home with the solar I have installed, which means I can basically charge for free and my commute is around 30km per day with around another 30km running errands. An EV would...
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    Vuma vs SADV comparison on installation

    In one of my premises we have SADV installing a network and at the same time at another premises we have Vumatel. Differences in build and construction: SADV's contractors are not as organised as those of Vuma. I expect this is to do with experience, as Vuma has built quite a few more networks...
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    Dalpark / Dalview Vumatel fibre

    They have been busy for about 3 weeks now with civils and is making good progress. They have been open for orders for a while now and I managed to get a reference number already for the install. Ordered with both Vuma and the ISP. I expect them to start floating fibre next week. Overall it...