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    Pothole Damage- Claiming from Municipality

    I might have maybe should go for a MRI and claim 3rd party and have some hopes and dreams they would ever pay out. They are only 17-Billion short-fall, what could possibly go wrong?
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    Pothole Damage- Claiming from Municipality

    Feel like I aim for potholes these days, had to replace two tires and two rimes. I think one of my shocks got damaged as well. SA is hazardous to a persons life in general if its not taxis cutting and driving like A-Holes you get pot holes and other A-holes just stopping and parking whenever...
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    South Africa is getting a special ‘crime detection university’ to boost policing

    problem is the people they employ is corrupt and useless and do not fight crime but enforce corruption!
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    Sona 2020

    True I guess, just shows ANC do not have the balls to do what is needed!
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    Sona 2020

    If I were president I would make everyone in the EFF party lives hell! I would get info on ALL of them and use it against them make them sweat and eventually break them... Have them investigated for taxes, parking tickets, firearms any unlawful things and make them pay. I will have cops...
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    How much Ramaphosa, ministers and other government officials could earn this year

    These A- Holes are overpaid for doing F-All
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    What do you expect from President Cyril Ramaphosa’s fourth State of the Nation Address?

    More BS, and hope and dreams for the masses. Upsetting more investers with tightening of BS policies. Empty promises of putting an end to irregular expenditure and corruption and blaming the whites for their mistakes!
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    Push to increase South Africa’s sugar tax

    Don't care up it 1000% not going to affect me much. I am sure the majority will not agree.
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    Things that please you...

    something I rarely do
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    500MB free data from Telkom to say sorry

    have not received 0mb, if its only for 1 day they can keep it and shove it somewhere the SUN wont even touch!
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    Ramaphosa objects to SAA flight route cuts

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    Cosatu Wants Workers to Have R104 Billion Stake in Eskom

    I guess none of them passed math?
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    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    There anything better than 9% from somewhere else? Another question they say R100k is the MAX but if you leave it and accumulate over R100k what happens?
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    Massive flight cuts at SAA - No more flights to Durban

    PLEASE JUST CLOSE DOWN AND SAVE SA TAXPAYERS SOME MONEY! While you at it please contemplate privatize other SOE's !!!
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    The best way to avoid the coronavirus

    Bring it to SA these guys are immune to common sense!
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    Pay your bond but lose your property – South Africa’s big land expropriation problem

    ANC must stop playing around and threatening people with this and just do it! Would love to see the end result...
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    Nigerians dismayed by Trump's travel ban extension

    Ag shame not like the nigerians can not trusted? They are only the biggest drug runners around Africa? 419 fraud! and other dodgy "upmarket" dealings.
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    Vehicle finance interest rate so spiked

    Wait checking statement it started with 10% and went as high as 11.75% WTF good thing I am not looking to buy / make new debt soon...
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    Vehicle finance interest rate so spiked

    Just paid off my first vehicle @ 11.5% surely I will get a better rate after paying the first?
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    They kept me hostage, assaulted me and didn't pay wages, claims domestic worker

    “She made contact with me via someone in Rylands and said I must make an excuse like there was a sickness or death in the family so they could send her home because they were keeping her hostage." If she was kept hostage? Why would they send her back home for a sickness or death?