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  1. Slamz

    Rate Cool Ideas

    great ISP while i w as with them, only left because of price but the service was excellent
  2. Slamz

    ISP leaking defaulters data...

    YOH, ID numbers and alles on there :oops::mad:
  3. Slamz

    Ramaphosa objects to SAA flight route cuts

    must have something to enable his comrades to move all the billions they fukn steal from us
  4. Slamz

    R500m flushed down the drain due to water meter tapping in eThekwini Municipality

    a drop in the ocean compared to what the thieving guavament steals from us
  5. Slamz

    Mind the speed ISP

    was with CI , then moved to MTS when they had that 2 months free promotion.. all through the promotion period and afterwards things have been great with them and support is quiet good... no complaints so far... hope they dont end up like other new ISP's, come into the market all great and stuff...
  6. Slamz

    Fibre Installation Earth works Guarentee

    First, the HOA is responsible for the complex, so the responsibility always lays with them. what they are doing by getting a guarantee from the SP is to ensure that if anything goes wrong, eg, a portion of the road collapses, the SP will come and fix it and holds liability for any other damages...
  7. Slamz

    Takealot perfumes

    perfumes you buy in store, you got to be confident on the scent you buying and also online you get alot of knock offs, everything will be exactly the same as the original but the smell will probably last 30 mins to an hr at most. but i will say, my other purchases on superbalist was great
  8. Slamz

    SA wonder plant removes more CO2 than Amazon

    thanks, found a nursery close by, R20 a pot, already +-20cm grown
  9. Slamz

    SA wonder plant removes more CO2 than Amazon

    Where can i get some of this? Im in Midrand, would like to plant a few around the garden
  10. Slamz

    Q: What profession are you in?

    work in sales in telecoms, full end to end service, building networks, towers, fibre etc.. got a few certifications but thats about it..
  11. Slamz

    No access to main DB Board - Tenant

    look for exit clause in lease, usually 2 months notice, alternately, if i remember correctly, you can also give 1 month notice to move if nothing is stipulated in the lease agreement.
  12. Slamz

    Another "who to use" thread

    im with Mind the speed, speeds are great, service is great, price is great, support is great, you can phone or email them and response is almost immediate... the only time i was down is when my fsp had an issue... other than that, no complaints
  13. Slamz

    Have you ever been to a political rally?

    i have also been to many back in the 90's when there was massive rally's for freedom etc.. My mom used to be a function coordinator for all the political rally's in KZN, especially curry's fountain, i have personally met with all the political leaders of that time inc Mandela a few times. Some...
  14. Slamz

    Netflix and 20Mbps and 4k content

    it will work fine. i had 20Mbps fibre line and it worked great, even with ususing other devices at the same time. you can possibly watch 2nd tv hd content as well.
  15. Slamz

    A look at South Africa’s planned land allocation system – and who does not qualify

    So what i see here is... Falcon is saying in 14 pages that whites are privileged or have an advantage because during apartheid their parents have capitalized on having sole access to prime land/property at low prices and in these 25 yrs of democracy have passed it down the line to their kids...
  16. Slamz

    Huawei Fusionserver Rh2288h v3

    Mustek, First distribution, Pinnacle micro... but Huawei wont deal with you directly, you have to go through one of their resellers... also keep in mind, they dont stock all spares in SA.... why dont you try getting it from an online store?
  17. Slamz

    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    thanks, will do..
  18. Slamz

    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    Hi guys.. So I got a tyme bank account.. Everything went smooth, got the card etc.. But I wanted to know.. How can I transfer from money from fnb to tyme bank? The guys at the kiosk were not clued up to how I do that.. Does it work same as doing a payment from fnb to std? Coz the kiosk guy said...