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    Hi, So, I got Rain's LTE with Webafrica unfortunately. Had it for a month or 3, and cancelled just before emigrating. Organised collection of their router on 19 December 2017, and spent the whole bloody day waiting for their useless collection company. Nothing. Tried to get them to...
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    Places to live around Alberton

    Hi all, My company is moving our department from the Route 21 Business Park in Irene to Alberton. I live in Pretoria East (Lynnwood Ridge) atm, and it's a hell of a drive there... Are there any suburbs similar to where I am currently close to Alberton? I don't see myself sitting in that...
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    Prorat fees in FNB home loan.

    Hi all, Can anyone help me as to what the prorat fee of R66 is in my account? Thanks
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    VW Golf 6 (2011) 1.4Tsi Comfortline Clutch Replacement

    Hi All, So my car lurges during acceleration, not the engine. And notchy gear shifts (not the cable adjustment) etc. with 103k km on the clock. Got the following quote from Bosch Service City Silverton: Transmission Consumables Transmission Clutch 1 81 81 92.34 Clutch Assembly Kit 1...
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    Mechatronic Engineering Degree Books For Sale [S]

    Item name (be very descriptive): A collection of 32 Books as used in my 4 year degree ending 2012, listed below. Age and condition: between 4 and 6 years. As New. Do you include packaging: N/a Warranty: No Reason for selling: Hard work lugging the books around when moving. Price: R250 per...
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    Retarded speed limit in complex...

    of 10 kmph... I pretty much walk that fast. Is that really reasonable? I went 15 according to my GPS, which is 20 on the car's speedo (yea, huge discrepancy I know...) and I have no problem stopping in a few metres. My car almost stalls at 10 without working the bloody clutch. Got two...
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    Elardus Park

    Hi all, I need to move... from the east of Pretoria (Willow Park Manor). And being at it, I figured I could move to a more central location in northern Gauteng. Looking at a place in Elardus Park at the moment, but I'm not too clued up on the area. Is it a good area to invest in? And live...
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    2007 Opel Corsa 1.3 CDTi Diesel engine

    Hi everyone! I hope someone has more car knowledge than me... I have a 2007 Opel Corsa with a 1.3 CDTI diesel turbo engine...that needs replacing. The camshaft snapped and Opel wants about R75000 (:confused:) for a new engine... Anyone have suggestions regarding a reconditioned...
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    Ebucks changes.

    So.... Is it only me, or did FNB just nerf the cr@p out of eBucks tiers? I basically will be losing 2 tiers due to their new monthly criteria... Not impressed -.- And screw you for preferring a debit card to credit... :sick:
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    Budget Car for ~R60k

    Hi all, So, my girlfriend is in the market for a second-hand car, with a budget of approximately 60k. Been looking at the VW Polo Vivo, Ford Figo and Toyota Etios. She really likes the Figo and Vivo. Any other options to look at? Hyundai i10 is out... Aesthetics :D Also, please share...
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    I recently discovered Sabaton. Never knew the Swedes had such military campaigns in their it kind of makes sense why they make such advanced weapons nowadays. ;) Brilliant music as well. :D
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    Strange behaviour...

    Hi... So...I met this girl a few weeks ago, let's call her Michelle. We had a few laughs, went to a function with a few friends, and went home (individually). Then the weekend before last, we drove around a bit and generally had a good time. Departed with hugs ('upgraded' from a handshake the...
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    Extending a wall - Requirements by body corporate

    Hi all, I want to increase the height of a wall by about half a meter, this is approximately a 3m long section. However, in order to do this the body corporate requires drawings for the modification, and a builder that would not make a mess. Now as I am relatively new in Pretoria...
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    Travel to Vereeniging from Pretoria

    Hi all, I need to meet someone close to Vereeniging tonight at around 19:00. What would be the fastest route, and at what time should I be leaving Pretoria East? Soonest I can leave will be 16:30. In the past I have always met slow traffic on the N1 around Sandton, even at 14:00...
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    Hi all. I recently had a bit of a 'I-hate-my-country" moment when the power went out for some 5 or 6 hours on Friday night...and started thinking about emigration. Anyone here that emigrated from SA and enjoy living wherever you went? I did some research and it seems that some like it...
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    Selling old jewelry

    Hi all, I have a few rings and earrings that used to be my grandma's. It's mostly 9ct gold with some semi-and precious stones. Where in Pretoria can I go to sell them without getting ripped off too much? I found a few websites but they look shady...contacted one and the reply I got was...