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    Ford Fiesta Distance to empty Gauge

    I have a 2017 Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost Ambiente. Does anyone know if it has a distance to empty gauge?Were I can read how many kilometers I can still drive before fuel tank is empty. I have seen those rectangles,is that it? How do I read them?... NB:I don't much about cars, its my first one.
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    Best way to save and earn interest

    I am saving up to pay off my car loan which is R195000 settlement fee currently financed through Wesbank since March 2017 (73 months). Currently I have R41 000 and will have R50000 by the end of the year. I will be saving approximately R8250 per month (Jan 2018-December 2018) on a very tight...
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    SARS Tax Return

    I used to work as a vacation work student (FY 14, 15, 16) for 6 weeks each year while studying and I would get taxed on it. I started working this year and have filed my tax return (FY17) and I am awaiting audit so that I can get my refund. My question is can I still file my tax returns for...