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    Living abroad

    This was the toughest decision that I have ever had to make. I have been in South Wales for almost 2.5 years now. I have seen the **** happening in South Africa. It's very heart breaking to see my homeland going down. I have it good here, renting a house with a really awesome friend. In a...
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    Upgrade in the next couple of months

    I am currently living in South Wales and I am due an upgrade in the next couple of months. I am just starting to do some research now as there is so much available on the market. I don't want an iPhone so looking at Android. I currently have a Huawei P Smart but I don't really like that phone...
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    Microsoft word

    Hey all now that I have word finally working and I don't know how, I opened a document I am working on and up comes symbols. I really need this document and cant afford to start over. I get all these symbols instead of what I have typed. Please help. I am trying all I can to convert back but...
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    Microsoft Office 365

    Hi all. I have Microsoft office 365. Every time I would like to open a document to edit or whatever, it says: Word experienced an error while trying to open a file. Try these suggestions: Check the file permissions for the document or drive. Make sure there is sufficient free memory or disc...
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    Guava Jelly.

    Hi all. My friends dad got some home made guava Jelly from a friend in Zambia today and we were wondering what u can have this with. Likemint sauce you have with lamb etc. Please advice. Thanks.
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    South African Bank Account and UK

    Hey all. I am currently living in Wales right now and have/had a Nedbank account. I need to get it reactivated as there is money sitting in there that I could really use right now. Is there anyway that I can activate it form here or do I have to wait to reactivated with I come home for my...
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    Hoxx VPN

    This VPN seems to work really well when I want to connect to Supersport and DStv etc. I am on the premium account which let me select the South African server on my laptop but I am wondering why it won'r let me select South Africa on my phone or tablet. Please help
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    What on earth is up with them???? I think they have totally lost the plot in all areas. Just heard on SABC3 that they going to continue to export electricity to other countries. How on earth can they do that when they cant even supply us with decent elec. They say load shedding is a thing of...
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    how can moods change so quickly. I am really happy one min but suddenly the next min i feel really sad and i cant think of anything right now that i should actually be sad about lol ;)