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  1. SeRpEnT

    Car Finance - What is the average rates nowadays?

    Hi all, Currently in the market to buy a new car. To get an idea what I can afford I need to know what the current interest rates are on average as I have no idea whatsoever what the rates are. What would be an average rate? What would be a good rate? Thanks in advance!
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    Shop owner figths off panga-wielding robber " A man shopping for cool drink has been hailed a hero after coming to the aid of a shop owner who was held up by a panga-wielding assailant in Cape Town. Dramatic CCTV...
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    Puzzle - PM me the answer.

    Pm me the answer.
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    New 007: James Bond's swansong in the next bond be replaced as 007 by....

    To be replaced by special agent...Latoya Brown???! (My guess of the new 007's name, lol). :sick::sick::sick::sick::sick::sick::sick::sick::sick:
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    Comic Ex Grand West - Epic fail.

    Took my family there yesterday expecting a Comic Con type event. I turned out to be nothing more than a smallish Hall filled with 15 to 20 stalls and a couple of jumping castles and a pathetically small stage with crap screen. Oh and 2 tvs with a couch and one fighting game. About 50 attendees...
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    SA Police Special Task Force humiliated at Dubai event

    " The performance of the Special Task Force (STF), the elite tactical unit of the police, in a "SWAT Challenge" has brought into question the preparedness of this unit to effectively deal with threats such as hostage-taking, high-risk crime and acts of terrorism. The STF came 44th out of 49...
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    The Official FeBRAAIarie 2019 Thread

    It's February. You know what time it is! This thread has become a Mybroadband tradition. It was started by the ole legend himself, Faniebraai (RIP boet!). So to honour his tradition we will continue with the cremation of fauna (and some flora for some of you!) throughout the month of February...
  8. SeRpEnT

    RARU: Pathetic communication channels

    So I ordered some items from RARU mid December. A birthday gift for my boy - for 12 January. The estimated delivery dates were early January (4th). To date no delivery and zero communication from them on this. I had to try and hunt them down for an explanation. And I mean hunt them down as they...
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    Gap cover

    What gap cover do you have and price? Have you been informed of the 2019 increase yet? My gap cover (Admed by Guardrisk) has increased by 20% (!!) to R189 p/m. Needless to say I'm a bit pissed off at such a big increase.
  10. SeRpEnT

    Gearbest: Yay or Nay?

    I want to order something from Gearbest. The product is in their China warehouse. I am thinking of selecting the Priority Line option which will be R62 for delivery. Has anyone bought from them before and selected this option? Is this via a courier company? I don't want them to use Post Office...
  11. SeRpEnT

    Netflix: How many registered devices? (compared to DSTV Now)

    I notice the plans are for a set number of devices streaminig at the same time. For example 4 devices on the highest (R169) package. So is this purely for all four devices streamlining/connecting to Netflix at the same time and would they allow more than 4 devices to be registered on the App...
  12. SeRpEnT

    Unused DSTV Explora and old HD PVR's - Good for anything?

    So I cut the cord a while ago. Still have my old DSTV HD PVR2P decoder and first generation DSTV Explora decoder taking up space in the house. I checked Gumtree and see that they are worth anything from R200 to R800 which is shocking compared to their original price which I paid for them. Which...