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  1. Half_Frog

    MyBB PTA Meet Sugestions

    Hi All Just a thread to see if there will be any interest in having a meet in PTA. Lets see how many will be willing to come and have a beer or six with us EDIT...
  2. Half_Frog

    Afrihost/Axxess deleted my domain

    So long story short, about a year ago I transferred all my domains to Axxess due to the reseller control panel that they have. We dont host that many domains but out of the 14 domains that we manage 1 seems to be a issue for both ISP's to transfer. It is a domain. On Axxess I have...
  3. Half_Frog

    Studying after the age of 30

    If you want to go further your education at a later stage in life, do the uni's still look at your Matric results?
  4. Half_Frog

    Chilli Pepper Growing

    So I bought a bunch of seeds from Mr Chilli and should be getting my seeds sometime this week. I also have a bunch of other pepper seeds I got from friend and family Does anyone here grow their own peppers and any advise you can give for a first time grower. I plan to make some sauces and...
  5. Half_Frog

    SA vs Italy

    Anyone watching the game at work...
  6. Half_Frog

    MTN point to multi-point wireless link advise Has anyone here dealt with this product and what was your experience. We are looking at them for links to our sites where Fibre/LTE is not an option. Thanks guys
  7. Half_Frog

    Axxess Hosting down

    We are currently experiencing intermittent to no connectivity to the below hosting servers :
  8. Half_Frog

    Axxess / Afrihost data usage

    Hi Guys I have signed up for both the Afrihost and Axxess Telkom Mobile deals. I have noticed that on both platforms I am unable to see data usage or how much data I have left. I am also unable to upgrade/downgrade the packages on either platforms. Does anyone here know any way of seeing the...
  9. Half_Frog

    Samsung PBX issues

    Hi Guys Well its a funny thing happening to certain clients that we have. Inbound calls fail intermittently. All PBX's are connecting via LTE (MTN/Vodacom/CellC) so I dont think its a network issue. On my side when I call the VoIP/PBX I just get a busy tone but if you look at a call trace it...
  10. Half_Frog

    2019 Hunting Season

    Hi Guys I cant be the only one who goes hunting every year. Lets create a place to showoff your trophies for the year. I went hunting on the last weekend of April and have another 2 hunts coming up. Here is a pic of the SO with her first ever hunt
  11. Half_Frog

    Rain Down??

    Hi Guys I cant be the only one seeing this. I have roughly 20 Rain sims and not a single one is connecting to the network. Spoke to Axxess and this is what they say "The issue has not yet been confirmed ny RAIN therefor no ETA has been provided as yet. We too are awaiting feedback. " So they...
  12. Half_Frog

    Samsung SPNET issues

    Hi Guys I have exhausted all of my current knowledge regarding SPNET and I hope someone here will be able to assist me. So client has 4 branches across South Africa and all the branches has Samsung OfficeServ PBX's with SPNET to enable interbranch calling. The issues I'm having is calls to...
  13. Half_Frog

    PS4 500Gb For Sale

    For Sale Item name - PS4 500 Gb Age and condition: 6 Months Old Great Condition Do you include packaging: No Warranty: Yes - Whats left of it Reason for selling: Unused Price: R3500 Negotiable: Yes Location: Pretoria Shipping or collection: Collection Preferably but shipping can be...
  14. Half_Frog

    Samsung Gear 2 (1 week old)

    Hi Guys I have a Gear 2 I am willing to part with. reason for selling. I lost my phone and have no use for it now. The watch is a week old. No scratches and in mint condition Comes with the box and all cables Item: Samsung Gear 2, Black Age: 1 Week Warranty: What's left from Samsung...
  15. Half_Frog

    Official Superbru Pool

    Come join my Super Rugby prediction game on SuperBru! It's free and loads of fun. Just click here: Pool name: MyBB Super Rugby Pool code: gnatthem Ive created this pool. Lets see who is the biggest fan. @RPM maybe we can...
  16. Half_Frog

    West Coast WiFi Mesh/WUG

    Hi all Is there anybody out here in the wild west (Langebaan, Saldanha, Vredenburg etc) that would be interested in something like this. I am keen but its kinda pointless spending cash and setting the equipment up if no one is interested.
  17. Half_Frog

    Iphone 3GS stuck in loop

    Hi Guys Sorry if this was covered before. I have a Iphone 3GS that i got from a friend. He wanted to bin the thing so i took it from him. The problem with the phone is that its stuck in some kind of a boot loop. It shows the apple logo but then just reboots and starts over. It never...
  18. Half_Frog

    Blackberry vs HTC Wildfire S

    I have the option of getting one of these phones now Which is the better one. At the moment i have a blackberry and to be honest its getting a bit over rated and boring Pros and cons would be much appreciated