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  1. nightjar

    ‘Should we rather kill people?’ – Botswana defends elephant hunting decision

    Sustainability is the key but, sadly, the last time that wildlife and humans were balanced was around the time of the Berlin Congress. Since then, Europeans have flooded Africa with the colonial benefits of medicine, vaccines, sanitation etc which enabled the human population to increase some...
  2. nightjar

    Deputy finance minister’s messy love affair lands on president’s desk

    As the saying goes, Men have two heads & enough blood to supply only one at a time. Alternatively, The one head has a hole in it to allow air to get to the brain.
  3. nightjar

    Tony Leon slams FW de Klerk Foundation for apartheid comment

    The TRC blamed Apartheid for 7 000 deaths between 1948 & 1994 with some 14 000 deaths being caused by blacks killing their brutha blacks. By an odd coincidence, the annual murder rate under ANC misrule is just over 21 000.
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    Novel CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Updates & Discussion
  5. nightjar

    SAA is an "airline for the elites" and must be sold off - Minister

    Forward thinking by Gwede Mantashe. He must be considering EWC once it has been turned around by private enterprise.
  6. nightjar

    Plan to allow pupils to wear Afros and to make PE and indigenous languages compulsory

    Bearing in mind the flood of refugees from that Zimbabwe turd-hole because of EWC, it is reasonable to assume that the flood of refugees from an EWC-crippled SA will be proportionately bigger and that the refugees will need to live and work outside Africa. The last thing that refugees, white...
  7. nightjar

    Parliament considers Emperor Thembu II's land claim 'for the whole of South Africa'

    He has to be stupid if he doesn't know that his ancestors stopped the migration at the Fish River because their staple crop would not grow beyond that point. None of the black tribesmen have any historical or moral right to the old Cape Colony
  8. nightjar

    Novel CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Updates & Discussion

    I have just received this WhatsApp from a friend in UK. Badly written, although not a lot worse than that produced by many SA journalists, and fairly accurate in describing the Zim situation. Cannot find it on internet and last line is a red flag but I offer it for what it's worth.
  9. nightjar

    Warrant of arrest issued for Jacob Zuma

    Doesn't he still have a gang of VIP protection unit goons? I can't see an arrest any time soon.
  10. nightjar

    Popular Bulgarian Journalist Victoria Marinova Raped And Beaten To Death Clean & neat solution?
  11. nightjar

    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

  12. nightjar

    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

    I saw the ass & quickly scrolled on by.
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    Malema's former lawyer fighting possible liquidation of his firm In true tribal style, Zebediela was looted and destroyed. Full text:
  14. nightjar

    Eastern Cape hall named after Mandela is derelict

    Brick & tile buildings, like electricity, are colonial benefits and are being looted and destroyed by mobs of comrades as fast as possible.
  15. nightjar

    Controversial Durban Islamic scholar 'critical but stable' after apparent hit outside court

    The religion of peace?
  16. nightjar

    Controversial Durban Islamic scholar 'critical but stable' after apparent hit outside court

    Re - controversial Durban Islamic scholar Yousuf Deedat Why is he controversial? We need to know just who he has pissed off before we can make an informed discussion. (Can't be the USA because they would have done it with a hellfire missile)
  17. nightjar

    3 million people shoulder almost all of SA’s tax burden

    The TRC blamed apartheid for 7000 deaths during its 40 years of existence while the ANC, under Mbeki, killed off 360 000 AIDS sufferers by telling them to eat beetroot and other deaths caused by Party policies are incalculable. People might like to look at the state of affairs in the hinterland...
  18. nightjar

    V&A Waterfront desalination plant owner ends contract with City of Cape Town, plans to sue
  19. nightjar

    How a chance find on an Alaskan street led to SA man's arrest for murder I wonder if the earlier killings were not preparation for killing the wife. She probably considers herself lucky.
  20. nightjar

    ANC can't afford January and February salaries - sources

    Really? At the time of the FW surrender he was just a (virtually) penniless comrade who was astute enough to be one of the first on the gravy train. If he had any conscience he would be shouting about the ANC spending R50 million on a huge piss-up rather than paying salaries.