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    Top bucket seat gaming chairs available in South Africa

    Hello all. Was going to post this under PC hardware, but its not really hardware, is it? Have any one of you bought one of these chairs? Evetech was the first shop that I've seen selling gaming chairs, starting with the DX Racer brand. They looked quite sexy and I was keeping my eye on...
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    Handheld/portable vacuum for pet hair

    Ever since my GF moved in with me, she thought it was the cutest thing for my dog to be allowed on the couch and bed. I obviously gave in because I love my dog (Haha, you thought I was going to say GF) but now I suffer from having dog hair everywhere. Take a plate out, hair on plate. Do dishes...
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    [TRADE] GTA V PS3 for PC version

    Item name: GTA V (PS3) Age and condition: 1.5 years Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Trading for PC version Negotiable: Yes Location: West Rand, Johannesburg Shipping or collection: Collection (It's a trade, could do shipping, maybe) My PS3 got stolen and...
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    Long Term Investments on Steam

    This thread is for anyone but it is mostly for the people that simply do not have the cash to buy those glittering new (mostly pre alpha) games. Please note that this is quite a long term investment (As no one apart from Valve knows when they will discontinue something). Situation 1: "I...
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    FTTH Access in Honeydew, Roodepoort (Sign-up)

    FTTH Access in Wilgeheuwel, Roodepoort (Sign-up) Seen some of these threads popping up. Anyone else in the Honeydew/Wilgeheuwel area that want FTTH, please sign up on this site. If they get more than 300 votes in an area they will find it...
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    War Thunder

    If you like WW2 airplanes/tanks you should have a look at this game. It is free to play on steam (Pay to win but you can still own everyone without paying) and I am an addict now. Fast paced action game where your goal is to annihilate the enemy units or dominate designated areas for a...
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    Can someone tell me if my area is lucky or not? (What is this)

    Saw people laying these down in my street yesterday. Can anyone tell me what it is? I'm not a pro...I might be getting my hopes up that this is fibre to home...haha. Oh and the police line attached says "MTN, High power laser below"
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    Sybaritic repairs

    Is there a maximum time allowed for repairs on a machine that is still under warranty? I handed in my PC last week Wednesday (21st May). I phoned them on Monday and they informed me that they have not taken my PC to the supplier yet for testing :confused:?? Trying very hard not to throw my...
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    First look of Ben Affleck's Batman

    No bat nipples!!! Hooray!!!
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    Awesome human beings

    So, with nothing but depressing and negative news everywhere. I came across some stories about human beings being awesome. Here's a couple of examples.
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    Arma 2 Wasteland - Takistan, Chernarus, Utes

    For those of you that have not tried out Arma 2, I would definitely recommend it. If you like your first person (non arcade-ish) shooters. Open world warfare where you can team up with your friends and plan out complex strategies to take the advantage when engaging with enemies. Some maps...
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    Welder Needed

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for someone that can weld together some steel for me. I basically need a door frame. I bought one of those iron gym stuff that you do pullups with. Unfortunately for me...all my doors are in corners and doesnt accommodate it. I tried googling for someone but came up...
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    Scammers on gumtree etc.

    Hi Guys/Gals, I would like to start a thread if one hasn't been started on this topic before about scammers. The point of this thread would be to list numbers of known scammers just as a precautionary measure for when you are selling stuff on well known websites. So the laptop I'm...
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    Trouble Cancelling an account on MWEB

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. Can Anyone please help me? I emailed the billings and support contact at Mweb twice already a month ago or so asking for my login details as I have never been given them. I did receive my details for my connection though but could not log into...
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    Moving a site built localy on WAMP to live. Joomla site

    Hi Guys, I need some urgent help please. I am trying to move a site over to live from wamp. What I have done so far is I created a new database on live and imported the stuff from the localhost database without any error and I can see all my content on there fine. NOW...I copied the...
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    can i put a div:hover over div that already has a background color

    Hi guys, So here's my issue. I have a div:hover with a blue background over a couple of divs. It works perfectly with div's without background colors but not on div's with background colors. Is there any way around it? Heres my hover div .background_hover:hover { background-image...
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    So I bought a new Laptop

    So I bought a new laptop. An Acer Aspire 5820TG for R6100. Brand new sealed in the box. What do you guys think? Value for money or just about average.
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    Looking for a set of General Grabber AT 2 tires or simular.

    Hi peeps, Been searching around the web for tires for my 4x4 but no luck...except if I want to pay 2K per tire...which is not happening. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks
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    Need help with a song title DESPERATELY! Driving me nuts!

    Hi All, I need some help with a song title or band name please. Cant really describe it but I've heard it playing at Wonderwall and at The Barn. Fast paced kinda rappy music and it has this Ping sound every now and then. LOL...not a very good description but its all I got. I know it does...
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    File Associations from Macromedia MX to studio 8

    Hi Guys, I have recently uninstalled Macromedia MX from my pc and Installed Studio 8. The problem now is that the files (.jsp .png etc...) still wants to use the old software to open it. I cant change the default program as it doesnt save the settings. I know I need to change something in...