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  1. Belix

    New Vodacom Fibre install - Slow Speed, Modem settings, and voip questions

    Greetings After a lot of bother, I finally have a vodacom fibre connection. vodacom not having an email support system is truly frustrating. 1. Issue now is that is seems slow. I've run a speedtest on and the google speedtest, both give around 4.8Mbps. Is that enough proof for...
  2. Belix

    City power swapped what?

    City power sent a contractor round to swap the old meter out with a new one. No notification of any kind of course, guy just appears. Contractor leaves a city power card, and buggers off, has no idea what happens now, he thinks it's prepaid, but is not sure. Called up city power, no-one knows...
  3. Belix

    Alarm Radio pin-outs

    Hi all Trying to figure out an intermittent issue with a panic button, and looking at the CHUBB radio connected to the alarm. From the little it says on it, it looks like a 12V positive, a negative and the 1 2 3 4 I assume would be the trigger zones so the alarm company can tell whether it's a...
  4. Belix

    Kitchen down lights flashing on and off

    Anyone have experience with those 12V down lights flashing on and off? There are 7 in total if that makes a difference. They flash on and off about once per second, all together. I clambered into the roof expecting to see one transformer for all, but it looks like they have a transformer for...
  5. Belix

    WiFi between houses - AP to laptop

    Hi folks My father in law bought himself a laptop. Trouble is that although the laptop can see the Netgear 834 router, I'm guessing the laptop reply signal is not reaching the router. Since I cannot change the antennae on the laptop as far as I know, I'd like to know what options I have. I...