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    JP Duminy retires from all forms of cricket Bigups JP! we'll remember the good times! :) All the best with the Foundation! Hope you uncover many good ones for the future!
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    Naoya Inoue vs Nonito Doniare

    This is going to be a humdinger! Inoue vs. Donaire Date: Nov. 7 | Location: Super Arena -- Saitama, Japan Start time: 5 a.m. ET 05:00 Thursday, Eastern Time (ET) is 12:00 Thursday, in, Cape Town Its not being screen on SS tho... :(
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    Excel IF formulas

    Hi Guys I'm trying to write an if formula that looks at multiple cells with multiple permutations IF the value of A1 is true then give me x IF the value of A2 is true then give me y IF both are true give me z IF both are false then give me false How would the formula look? Thanks
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    Question about Fines, Summons's and Warrants

    Hi Guys Just want some advice regarding fines. Someone told me over the weekend that if I dont receive a Summons then i shouldnt bother paying the fine. Apparently COCT has been putting cameras up "illegally" and trapping motorists without complying with their own requirements. My...
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    One Plus 3 Announced - Flagship Killer returns