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    Retina iPad Display Hacked Into PC Monitor

    Look at what this brave braniac managed to accomplish ! Full story here...
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    PSP 3000 Console Availability

    Hey Hey My Nephew has a PSP 3000, it is his friend's birthday and he really wants one too as a present from his parents. However none can be found. There are Vitas and E1000s and a few GOs but no stock of PSP 3000s. Ster Kinekor have replied that the E1000 is the current model, the 3000 is the...
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    Tapatalk Login Issues

    Hey Hey I cannot login on Tapatalk... username and password rejected and now have a 15 minute retry wait. Username and password work here on Opera... just not on Tapatalk. Anyone else ??
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    Opera Browser Default Bookmarks

    I never noticed this before, a new installation of latest Opera browser, and it comes with the following bookmarks; Well well well. :p
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    MacBook Pro Boot Drive

    Hey Hey On a couple of MacBook Pros, the optical drives have been replaced by 750GB HDDs and the original 5400rpm HDDs replaced by SSDs. The SSDs were installed 1st, and then a while later the optical drives were replaced by HDD caddies and the 7200rpm HDDs. All is hunky dory except for the...
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    Thermal Transfer Pads

    Hey all Anyone have any idea if there is a place in Cape Town that sells these ? Laptop workstations cooking and these need to be replaced ASAP. Have found XBox type replacements online... would these be the same thing ?? All advice and feedback much appreciated.
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    Property and building advice

    Hi All Quick rundown.... family bought a house in Plumstead. Next door to this house is a dilapidated and neglected house and property. It has been derelict for close on 10 years, ever since the owner died. It is in a trust that has been approached numerous times to either do something about...
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    Opinions please : ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101

    Hey Hey I have been offered a 2nd hand ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101, 16GB. It is in good condition and battery is still hundreds... tho' I have not seen it yet, but will play with it this weekend and then I can make a reasonable offer for it. Now... any one out there in mybb land have any...
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    PostmanPot FTW !

    Hey Hey Just a big up and thanks to mybb's very own PostmanPot !! Thanks dude for going out of your way and that extra mile to sort out a warranty issue with hard drives... and saving me R1200.00 in the process... AND charging nothing more than covering petrol costs. I hit a brick wall...
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    Windows 8 Is "A Cognitive Burden"

    My sentiments exactly; ++++++++ It’s hard to blame Microsoft for making bold decisions with its upcoming desktop operating system. But the renamed Windows 8-style UI (or Modern UI) instead of Metro might be too great a departure from known and trusted interactions found in the previous...
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    Samsung Galaxy SIII WIFI hotpsot

    Hi guys Quick question... friend has moved and waiting for ADSL installation. In the meanwhile he has been using his Samsung Galaxy sIII WIFI hotspot function to connect his laptop to the interwebs on his Vodacom SIM. This has been working perfectly without error for the past 3 days...
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    Laptop HDD started "chirping" loudly

    Hey Hey I have a friend whose Compaq laptop has starting chirping and "singing" loudly. Little very loud high pitched noises whenever the HDD is being accessed. Incredibly loud and slow at startup, but then gets quieter and eventually the laptop becomes responsive and usable. Impending...
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    Apple has to publish notice that Samsung didn't copy the iPad

    A U.K. judge ordered Apple to publish a notice on its UK website and in British newspapers informing the public that Samsung did not copy the iPad's design, Bloomberg reported today. Judge Colin Birss said the notice should explain the court's July 9 decision that Samsung's Galaxy Tab...
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    Ubuntu 12.04 LTX 64-bit... where to get physical media ??

    Hey hey Anyone in Cape Town southern suburbs area have a copy of Ubuntu 12.04 LTX 64bit for my brother ? Having moerse broadband hassles and will take to long for me to download on my 384 chugga-chugga line. He will come fetch and replace / pay for discs used. If not, any idea where...
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    City of Johannesburg new website...

    Eish... anyone seen the city of Jhb's website today ? What were they thinking ? No search function, outdated news... amateur hour in their IT department. :cringe: at the footer... I suppose it is to be expected when they decided to hand the site over to...
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    Apple patents the MacBook Air wedge shape

    Here we go again.... It’s time for all wedge shape looking devices in the world to be on their guard, because Apple has just been issued a broad patent containing the wedge shape of the MacBook Air. This notebook computer has been out on the market for several years now, but its unique shape...
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    Older iMac Keyboard

    Hey Hey Can anyone suggest where I can find one of the older iMac keyboards... Family member is looking for one to replace theirs that has died. They have tried the usual retailers, and no luck at all, not even able to order one. I managed to find a couple on Gumtree, but both have a...
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    HP 530 Notebook ... refuses to POST

    Hey All I have a neighbour who has just had his HP 530 notebook shut down, and now it will not POST. If he presses power, the power light comes on, the wireless light and the CAPS lock light blink, fans spin, but nothing. No trouble prior to this... working fine last night, shut down...
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    BattleField 3 System Requirements: Help !

    Hey guys I have a query for you gaming okes... 14 year old friend of the family is an avid gamer... plays MW COD2 / 3... his mum gave him an HP probook 4515s for Xmas 2010, he really needed a gaming PC, but beggars cannot be choosers. It has been OK with his MW games but now he is...
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    Vodacom Sony Ericsson Fault and CPA

    Hey Hey Any boffs out there who could advise on the correct course of action for the following; Friend upgraded contract and received Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray. The phone rebooted itself as soon as it was switched on. He returned it was advised it is just a software fault and the...