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    Introduction to Islam

    So you agree, you can have both and extrapolate some kind of coherent argument. I am glad you agree. This is further coherently explained in this very thread see link
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    Free will vs the will of Allah

    Using your logic then, neither did I say that it was directed at me. I am just suggesting you a direction you could point your frustration at.
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    Free will vs the will of Allah

    The third line, "God: Nothing happens which I don't know about, as I enact / allow the decisions to be made." does not lead back first line "free will" , so this is not circular. I willed and God enacted it (of cause God can choose to enact it in ways not intended). but there is no loop back...
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    Free will vs the will of Allah

    I did not start the thread, maybe you should direct your frustration to FrankCastle
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    Free will vs the will of Allah

    Hello, Thank you for your important question. I have not been on this forum for a while but this will be my attempt to answer you. Firstly we should establish 1.) Muslims accept that God has all power and any semblance of power that we as humans seemingly weld is from God. We share no part in...
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    Anti-Islam Dutch Politician converts to Islam

    I swear on all that is holy I am not making this up.... I have friend who converted to Islam, and his name is Frank ..... yes we still call him Frank (he never changed his name) the irony :ROFL:
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    Israel fears sushi shortage after quake

    Situation in Japan may affect regular supply of ingredients for one of Israelis' favorite dishes Meirav Crystal Published: 03.15.11, 14:02 / Israel Business Source
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    need help tuning american muscle on fujimi kaido (Forza 3)

    Hi my friends and I are doing a challenge japan tuners vs american muscle (old american cars) only restriction B class cars I can beat him on most tracks with my american muscle dodge charger but cant even begin to challenge him on the fujimi kaido track Just looking for tips or even a...