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    The end of the decade

    Just want to say, it was a **** decade and hopefully the next decade will be better. Can't believe in 5 days time we start a new decade.
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    Open source projects to contribute to

    I want to contribute to some open-source projects. I wanted to start to roll my own, but I feel its pointless as there is probably already someone that created a similar project. I'm looking for anything that is not PHP and that will have difficult issues to resolve (perhaps a framework is a...
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    Routed IP space to home

    I'm looking at getting routed IP space via a tunnel to my home, possibly a /28 IP space (or /29). I can't seem to find any companies that do this by doing a Google search. I'm not interested in paying for multi year contracts with he big ISP's to get a /28 for home use, after all, it will only...
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    Terminator: Dark Fate

    This looks like it could be a great movie, definitely waiting for this
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    vumatel aerial maximum speed

    what is the highest speeds available on vumatel aerial?
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    Aircon installers in Johannesburg

    With summer properly upon us with a heat wave of the magnitude I last felt in 2015, does anyone know of a good company to use for air conditioning needs in Johannesburg?