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    Gate motor receiver range issue

    I had a new gate motor (Centurion D5) installed with a Sherlo receiver about 2 years ago and it has been working great with no issues. I could open the gate from inside the house or when approaching the gate from a distance and it would be open when I get to the driveway however this is not the...
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    Lets talk trees

    I have no knowledge of trees and am looking for some recommendations before I go out to the nursery this weekend. Evergreen non invasive roots Medium to fast growth About 4 to 8m in height I'm going to plant them about a meter away from the boundary wall to block out noise and give me some...
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    Lightning damage

    I have a 40 inch LCD TV in the bedroom that got whacked by lightning. The insurance wanted a damage report so I took the TV to TV&Video doctor for an assessment. They confirmed lightning damage with a cost of R1500 to repair so it's not worth the claim anymore cos I would get paid R500 after my...
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    Rental income

    Anyone here bought there 1st property and later rented it out whilst moving into a bigger property but didn't bother to declare the rental income initially and only did so a few years later? How did that go with SARS? Where you audited, fined, looked into for prevoius years or just went on as if...