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    Personal data of 1.7 million Nedbank clients compromised

    Nice good thing I am not a Nedbank client....
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    Retrenchment package on 1 500 000.Final amount

    Damn nice package you got R1 500 000 nice man
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    Why we can’t sell Eskom’s power stations: Ramaphosa

    True they taking us voter's for a ride and playing us off against each other. The old trick of divide and conquer while they pull time and then come up with new excuses.
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    I was robbed again in broad daylight, what do I need to do?

    Why never chune them you know who I am your madirs ?????? I will dala you come one come all I will make you ruckfall
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    Telkom unveils new mobile data plans

    No roaming on that product
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    Facebook to purchase new startup for controlling computers with your mind

    Facebook will control our social media through Facebook, though Instagram, through WhatsApp then control our money through Libra then control our minds imagine the chain reaction if if you get reported on Facebook through to Libra then to the mind control computer's...
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    SARS has no idea how much Bitcoin you have

    Which means if somebody pulls a Mt Gox with about 750000 bitcoins then SARS won't know **** [emoji23] I mean they haven't found the coins in Japan and Europe plus they more advanced then SARS
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    Bitcoin was a waste of money - Sygnia CEO

    She needs to get off Twitter and stop trolling and fighting on social media maybe then she will research properly and not be emotional. She is an investment CEO she should know better.
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    Luno cancelled my withdrawal without explanation

    Same like bookmaker's and tote bank account has to be in the account holders name
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    Big Cell C turnaround plan – All the details

    Too much debt with bank's lol interest is killing them hahahaha ha hahahaha hahahaha
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    Vodacom "secret" Red Hot Deals launched

    Retrenchments are bad we can only afford prepaid so that's the excuse for wanting cheaper prepaid common sense
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    Official Mamelodi Sundowns Supporters

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    A major shortage of computer skills has hit South African banks hard

    They retrench you when you do the job and they call it reassignment [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    South African banks battling over scarce IT skills in South Africa

    Soo true they need an excuse to hire foreign natuo Al's or outsource to India at cheaper rates then employing locally at higher rates.
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    South African banks battling over scarce IT skills in South Africa

    Soo true there is no shortage nothing but horse **** from the banks.
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    Shock at blatant bribes for driver's licences

    Wtf [emoji33][emoji33][emoji33][emoji33]
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    South Africa’s economy in ‘need of a doctor’: Nedbank CEO

    Exploitation will start left right and center
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    Shock at blatant bribes for driver's licences

    Lol I am just saying how many are getting away with it in KZN even in Verulam testing ground how many wait for bribes daily they richer then doctors [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]