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    Another Cameron billionaire looms

    already covered most of its cost! :eek: and it was slowed down by the bad weather and a limited 3D screening on friday :erm:
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    World Cup draw tonight - 18:00

    'tis a reminder for everyone who wants to see it for the first time i'm getting nervous about the WC, its getting real now :D:D 189 days to go....BRING IT!!! NB: all the pessimists, please move yourself to the CA section ;)
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    New Moon wolfs down $140.7m
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    Holy Smokes!!! 2009-2010 edition

    its back! :D yes, im the only one who remembers it because i started it :o so i just went outside now and holy smokes is it hot or what! :eek: 26°C - 30°C in jhb/pta today!! imagine what summer, december/january, will be! :D