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    Cybersmart to Telkom

    I'm planning on moving my adsl line to Telkom. I've sent Cybersmart my cancellation request during November. I want to be with Telkom on 1 January. I've got this response from Cybersmart What would be the best way to apply for do level 2 at Telkom ? ISPs are notorious for cancelling your...
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    Is the HTC Wildfire R900 better than the x10 mini pro

    I'm on MTN Anytime 100. Considering my options for an upgrade and the only 2 phones that fit my budget and needs is the x10 mini pro and the Wildfire. x10 mini pro : R99pm Wildfire : R699 pay upfront + R108pm This makes the Wildfire effectively R915 more expensive over a 24 month period...
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    R700 budget for draft N modem/router

    I currently have a cheap wired modem from Cybersmart. It works perfectly including half bridge mode but doesn't have wifi. I've borrowed a friends Netgear DG834GUv5 and the range just about makes it to the other end of my house. The only devices connected via wifi are cell phones with 802.11b/g...
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    How long after the JHB/PTA launch must I wait to sign up with Cell C ?

    I don't want to commit to the Cell C data promotion until there is some evidence that Gauteng is not going to put major strain on the network, Which would result in the rest of the country's speed and service declining. Are my fears justified ? Will there be no difference in the way the...
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    2 pin Euromate hexagonal extension cord

    I started this thread in the Off Topic section but got no positive response. So I'm trying it out here: I have a multiplug which looks like this : I have all the 3 pin sockets occupied. The problem I am...
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    KP to join Dolphins ???

    The front page of the Daily News carries an article by Iqbal Khan, suggesting that Kevin Pietersen is set to join the Dolphins. I think that this would have been the biggest news of today and would surely have featured on SuperSport or SkySports ! Has anyone else read this. Your thoughts ?
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    2 pin Euromate hexagonal extension cord

    I have a multiplug which looks like this : I have all the 3 pin sockets occupied. The problem I am having is with utilising the 2 pin sockets. Plugs that look like this are fine but if it is a AC adapter then I can't get it into the socket since all my 3 pin sockets are used. I am...
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    USB video playback on Sony Bravia v550

    I have a Sony Bravia KLV-40V550A. It has a usb port and all the manual says about video playback is this : "USB playback is supported for the following video file format: – MPEG1 (files with the extension “.mpg”)" Has anyone been able to playback video which is not of the format mpeg1 and...
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    Share my routesentry internet to my cellphone wirelessly

    I want to share my internet connection over wireless lan. I need this so that I can browse using my cellphone. My PC must split the traffic (if possible) using route sentry. So that if I browse local on my phone , it uses local bandwidth and if international it uses international. Currently I...
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    When will HD PVR be R2499 again ?

    Any idea when the HD PVR will be going for R2499 again ? I'm thinking by Easter Or were they just clearing the Pace decoders at that price ?
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    Can't connect to router wirelessly because RouteSentry Active(Router in bridge mode)

    My problem is that I can't connect to my router wirelessly because it is in bridge mode since I'm using Route Sentry. I have a spare wired router and I'm thinking of this setup to help me out. > Wired router in bridge mode > Wireless router in PPPoE mode > ADSL line to wired router > Wired...
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    10000 MTN loyalty points

    I remember seeing an advert from MTN for the Blackberry 8520 on MTN Anytime 100 for R149pm and if you upgrade before 31 Jan 2010 , you will receive 25 free entries into the Ayoba Competition as well as 10000 loyalty points. Could someone who upgraded their contract to this deal please inform...
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    Websites free to browse with MTN BIS

    Could someone try out the following websites and let me know whether it is free to browse. Also feel free to post all your favourite websites that are free to visit with MTN BIS. 1. 2. 3. 4...