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  1. SageofInfinitePaths

    Do you regularly watch movies in a cinema?

    No. Generally not a fan of the current crop of movies being released including the highly overrated Marvel universe.
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    The UNISA thread

    They have been at it for about a week now
  3. SageofInfinitePaths

    Q: What profession are you in?

    Studying a BSc in phyics & computer science. I would love to get the astrophysicist title eventually,however that aspiration might be derailed by my newly developed love for mixed martial arts.
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    Date rape warning for straight men

    This is definitely codswallop. OP you need to take it easy on narcotics.
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    The UNISA thread

    Your registration should state that you are 'temporary registered', an email will then be sent to your mylife account stating the minimum amount required to activate your registration
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    The UNISA thread

    One of my maths modules has been out for about a week now so I expect more results to start trickling in this coming week
  7. SageofInfinitePaths

    Why my R3,500 Huawei smartphone is all I need

    If I had the means I would go for the high-end range because why not. With that being said I absolutely love my Huawei Y7, beautiful design and fulfills its duties really well.
  8. SageofInfinitePaths

    Chief justice Mogoeng Mogoeng: 'Our problems are direct consequence of apartheid'

    The more he opens his mouth the more respect I lose for him, no accountability whatsoever. He should be focusing on how the problems can solved but to do that you would have to take responsibility(make hard decisions) and have active brain cells which the 'leadership' severely lacks.
  9. SageofInfinitePaths

    Have you chosen to remain single or co-habit? why? why not?

    I have been single for close to 7 years and very adamant that it will remain that way for the next 7 million years. The reason is simple, PEACE OF MIND. I was already a part of MGTOW before I discovered such a 'movement' existed so I have no interest whatsoever in getting married or being...
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    The UNISA thread

    Next semester when all the other students write
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    Huawei vs Samsung smartphones - Value comparison

    I am incredibly satisfied with my Huawei Y7. The phone's design is 'beautiful', it charges super fast, the battery lasts long, software is top of the line, the storage space is just right. It meets all my needs and more
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    The UNISA thread

    When I had to change my degree specialization from Bsc(Computing) to BSc(Maths & Computer Science), I just sent an email to the science faculty to facilitate that and it was done without me applying for credits. All the overlapping modules were automatically credited to the new degree and the...
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    Virgin boss apologises for SA tweet

    I do not see anything wrong with that picture. Perhaps the people who see racism need to look in the mirror to see what a racist looks like
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    Are there any tech brands you are loyal to?

    What the hell?. Take it easy on the narcotics
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    Are Harry Potter Movies Overrated ?

    I watched them as kid because of the magic, I still watch them now as an adult because of the magic, with the added of bonus of exceptionally good soundtracks. My favorites are the Snape-Lily theme as well as the Courtyard Apocalypse. I have probably watched each movie more than 10 times. The...
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    Mzansi Super League 2019

    Good opening game. Can't wait to see the goat on Sunday
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    [Poll] Greatest threat to world peace during next 50 years?

    Who knows?. Maybe overpopulation.