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    Looking for Network CAT/Fibre Installers

    I need to network 2 properties right next to each other. Either CAT or Fibre (prefer CAT5e/6). Anyone know of any guys in the JHB North area ?
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    Network cable installation question

    Hi All I want to connect 2 properties adjacent to each other with Cat 5/6 cables. I would like to "hang" the cable from the 1 house to a central pole then to the other house over the wall. Then bring down and dig/trench into pvc piping. Instead of piping the cable the whole way. Is it...
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    Bitco Home Fibre - Review

    So I just got connected with the Bitco home fibre 200/200 package. I was previously on Cool Ideas 100/50. Off the bat I can say the network is far superior. Specifically speaking about downloads. You get full download speed within in 10 seconds of downloading. Previously on CISP it would take...
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    Help Egypt! Been following twitter and #opegypt on mbbit irc chat.. got in contact with a bunch of guys building a mesh network in egypt. They calling on all those with networking skills to help. Other ways to help: