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    Blu-Ray Movie Rentals?

    Here's to hoping I'm posting under the right section! :D Now...I'm sure I've seen a thread on this from about 2 years ago or something, which is possibly just a bit outdated by now, so without committing thread necromancy :p.....anyone know of Cape Town based video stores that rent blu-ray...
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    Help please?

    I am in no way as gifted as most of you when it comes to pc's and networking etc. so I hope someone can help me or just point me in some direction. My problem is simple and the solution probably even more simple, but for the life of me, I don't know where to even begin. I have recently...
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    Adsl modem suggestions?

    It seems my router is starting to die a slow and painful to ease it's pain, free it from it's misery or retire it from active duty, however you want to look at it, I've decided it's time to shop for a new one. ;) ...but as it is, I'm not all that clued up on routers, what to look...
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    How Twilight Works - Explained! I understand! :D EDIT: Sorry if this has been posted recently.
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    C'mon Baby Light My Fire...

    So....who's braaiing today? I'm sure lighting up the fire a bit later today. :cool:
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    Went to the Rodriguez show at Barnyard Theatre tonight. Was pretty awesome, but damn the man was sooooo trashed!!! :D
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    Hey Alan, Alan, Alan, Alan, Alan, Alan, Alan... :D I soooo want to follow this!
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    Wow....I finally managed to break the 3k!!! It's been a looooong time coming! :D
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    Shoreline - Anybody follow it?

    So, I came back from Australia only to stumble upon this documentary exploring our countries shoreline every Monday on SABC2. And wow, what a documentary this is! It really has some magnificent footage and information of our coastline. Really is a gem of a programme! Pity I missed out on the...
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    I have seen the Outback...

    ....and it's red! :D
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    Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie....

    So I've now arrived in Perth on the 5th, settled in, and's practically Bloemfontein with a beach, lol. Just thought I'd say hi to all and let this be known as I now am on a different time zone.! ;)
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    bye bye work!

    Last day in the office....woowhoo!!! Then it's 10 more days till I leave for Joburg and 3 more days from there till I leave for Oz on a 3-month holiday! :D
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    Ah I love Mystery Science Theater! Got me volume 1 today! Guess what I'm watching this week! :D
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    WTF??? We're watching stripper documentaries on SABC 3 now? "It's not about showing your private parts"....well I'm glad we got that sorted! :rolleyes:
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    Springbok Nude Girls

    Anyone else going to see them at The Assembly tomorrow night?
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    How much more...

    ....WRESTLING CAN THEY POSSIBLY SHOW ON ETV??? It's like every time I flip to the channel it's on! Jeepers! :mad:
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    burning a lamb...

    Ah...nothing like a good ole Wednesday braai with a good old lambchop and glass of wine! (or whatever your drink of choice may be). Anyone else having a braai tonight?
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    Things I did last night...
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    Driving In Australia

    Does anyone know if an international drivers licence is required to drive in Australia?
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    Ahhhh Amy Winehouse!

    Amy Winehouse is doing great! All last week there were reports that were clearly not true, claiming Amy Winehouse was reborn during her vacation on St Lucia, and she was cleaning up her act and swearing off the drugs and alcohol. Oh hey guess what... What that last sentence means is the...