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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread Almost the whole day, my upload speed is faster as download ? Afrihost 100/50 openserve fibre
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    Big Microsoft Office price increase in South Africa

    Ok in the one paragraph they mention affordability and in another they mention price increase ? I see just more pirated copies being installed.
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    DStv channels and prices comparison

    Multichoice to MYBB, hey guys we need some publicity here is a couple of bucks. Please write a story
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    Slow Internet speeds for South Africans caused by cable outage

    Yup I was pissed of by that as well, so had to settle for plan B, but I gladly pay the amount for the other VPN. having days no functional internet is a waste of my time & it does not help my frustration levels either
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    Slow Internet speeds for South Africans caused by cable outage

    I am using (browser without tracking and adblocking) they have an integrated VPN which protects not only the browser but the rest of your comms as well (South African VPN is premium though)
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    Slow Internet speeds for South Africans caused by cable outage

    Switched to Sa based VPN , internet is flying now:)
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    Philips Airfryer - anyone have?

    To be honest, ours has been standing in the cupboard for ? Can't even remember used it about 2 times since i bough it a few years ago
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    Radon Alert - cancer causing radiation in whole of SA

    What ever, if there is radon in my house it is outside as well as most of my windows and doors are open for most of the day anyway. Probably the smoke from veld fires is more damaging to my health
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    Cell C fixed-LTE is coming to an end - This is where users are going

    Headline should be more like " The end of Cell C "
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    Install solar panels and receive a tax break

    Misleading Headline Should be Tax breaks for companies who install solar power systems
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    To be honest getting kak speeds currently Ping: 4ms Download: 21.17Mbps Upload: 13.13Mbps Ping: 6ms Download: 23.05Mbps Upload: 48.55Mbps on a 100/50 openserve line
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    WASPA says Crime syndicates are stealing South Africans' airtime

    I compare the cell companies with pawn shops who willingly buy stolen goods
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    Watch out, you may soon be paying tax on having fun

    Well that takes the fun out of fun
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    Billions in airtime stolen from South Africans

    Really, I can't see any value in what those wasp are offering, the only value is for their own and cell companies pockets.
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    DStv Premium price increase possible - MultiChoice CFO :confused: