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    Hetzner Down

    Some of my sites are not loading or the database are down. Looks like is down as well Looks like some of it is backup,
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    Sars VAT

    So a while back I claimed a refund for VAT of the enormous amount of R18.65 of the course the system triggered straight away a request for supporting documents, which I supplied. Got a call today again and a letter asking for the supporting documents which I have to upload again in 21 days. I...
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    Groupon Windows 8

    Just received an email from groupon with the following subject Windows 8 Full Retail Version/Zinio Magazines/Go & Weg Subs Do they want to burn their fingers again This to me...
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    Ignition Switch

    How specific is the ignition switch for a car ? Currently my car a mahindra scorpio diesel 2008 is with the dealership and it needs replacement of the ignition switch. Feedback I am getting is that they have no stock in South Africa(and they say others won't work) and they don't know when it...
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    Neotel Coverage ????

    Yesterday I checked for neotel coverage in my area and it showed good for both prime and lite. Today I checked again when going through the ordering process and currently it shows no coverage for prime and good coverage for lite :confused::confused::confused: Can someone from neotel please...
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    SA Accident Law

    Any body here knows anything about SA accident law Basically the following scenario Someone drove into the side of our car at a parking lot, we just reversed out of our parking lot and our car was standing stationary, standing behind the other party, not currently reversing,actually on the...