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    Want to know what homeopathy is? Don’t ask the people who use it…’t-ask-the-people-who-use-it…/ Original news release here:
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    Baggage weight restrictions on airlines

    I'm in the mood to rant today and I've been stewing on this one for a while. Recently I flew on 1Time* and had to pay R80 extra for the four kilograms that I was over the 60kg that was allowed for the 3 people flying. In principle I have no issue with this - there was a restriction and we...
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    Apostrophe abuse.

    In the most excellent thread The worstest grammar in a thread title, the most common grammatical error that is highlighted is the abuse of the humble apostrophe. As a service from the GNU, I'd like to give a few pointers on how to avoid having your threads highlighted by the rather anal...
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    Xtraview, pah! what are my options?

    (Maybe this is in the wrong forum, but I don't want this to disappear into Off Topic Neverland. @Mods: feel free to move it to a better home) So this follows up on some other posts regarding DSTV HD. Many folks want to distribute their HD signal to other rooms, maybe not just for...
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    I'm bored with my...

    ... forum title. I've been a "Grandmaster" for what seems like forever, and since I'm not a postwhore (average 3 posts a day) so I'll be one for a lot longer. And "Super Grandmaster" is really naff too. Who do you need to screw to get a custom title here? :)
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    I'm definitely a linux noob... but even so I'm getting really irritated with Nvidia drivers and Ubuntu 8.04. I cannot get the damn OS to recognise my multiple monitors or to set the correct resolution. If I install the nvidia-glx-new package I get 640x480 on one monitor, and if I install...
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    The worstest grammar in a thread title?

    I'm on my hobby horse again about thread titles... My current favourite: