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  1. bav

    Easy Equities USD Account Warning

    I tried asking Fnb forex and easy equities about this a while ago but haven't gone through with it. Apparently you can pay from your global account to the offshore details EE provide but you will be charged the global payment swift fee. I think it is 0.55% (min. R285, max R775) from the forex...
  2. bav

    New Rain uncapped 4G package launched

    do they enforce a streaming resolution with the R250 package? I haven't noticed any
  3. bav

    Finally something worth getting at Pizza Hut

    To get more value from your order, on your slip there is a code with a survey you can do for a free garlic bread. That was last time I ordered from a branch near me.. not sure if they still have that offer.
  4. bav

    FNB eBucks Weekly Deals 2019

    Anyone tried the wireless blender? Is it any good?
  5. bav

    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

    Question, assuming level 5, if I do a global transfer in USD, does the 50% reward on "FNB Forex (online payment and standing instruction fees)" apply to the swift commission fee (0.55% or min R285)?
  6. bav

    Bunny Chow pictures

    1/4 Lamb bunny, Mantra, Waterfall. 7/10 for me.
  7. bav

    Bunny Chow pictures

    Lamb bunny at Hollywood bets Springfield [emoji108]
  8. bav

    eBucks voucher exchange or give away

    Thank you
  9. bav

    eBucks voucher exchange or give away

    Hi guys, anyone willing to part with a wimpy voucher :D
  10. bav

    Free Plex video streaming tested – A long way from Netflix

    Seedbox with plex functionality and pretty much watch anything you want
  11. bav

    eBucks voucher exchange or give away

    Anyone willing to part with a wimpy voucher? Going on a trip tomorrow
  12. bav

    Two-Day Giveaway - Win an Apple TV and a mystery gadget

    Energy Saving - inkjet printers use no heat when printing (learn't something new today!), so ultimately running costs are reduced.