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  1. marlin178

    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    Seems to be improving...
  2. marlin178

    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    Hi, Just spoke to your office support- they informed me that there's an issue with Vumatel since yesterday. Called Vumatel, they said that they're not aware of any issues in Athol (Vuma Aerial).. On a 100/10line... please advise :)
  3. marlin178

    Goodbye MyBroadband

    Hi all, Today is a sad day for me, it's a day that I delete the MyBroadband website from my bookmarks and bid you guys farewell. I've been viewing this site for many years on only joined in 2016 to get involved with this awesome community. I'm not sure how long this post will be up before it's...
  4. marlin178

    Good starter book

    Currently reading I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes - very easy to ready and if you like criminal minds, it'll be right up your alley. (Don't be put off by how thick the book is- you won't want to put it down).
  5. marlin178

    Do Not Use Afrihost , A Warning .

    I used to be with Afrihost a few years back- they were useless then and what many of my clients tell me nowadays is that they’re still useless. Our current office provider is Afrihost and they’re useless. There are enough complaints here and on sites like Hellopeter to prove that they have...
  6. marlin178

    Discovery Short term Insurance - Warning!

    Have you been in touch with your broker about this? This is also his/her fight to fight on your behalf
  7. marlin178

    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    Vuma Aerial Atholl. I tried using the supplied TP Link and it all worked perfectly. I'm at a loss because it was working perfectly on and before the 21st of Dec Edit: EG: DSTV now app not working - wife going mad :crying:
  8. marlin178

    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    Hi @PBCool Compliments of the New Year to you and your team. As per mine and others posts from last year (22 Dec), I'm still experiencing issues of zero connectivity to certain sites / apps (Reddit, my UniFi AWS Hosted Controller and others) via LAN cable and Wi-Fi. I'm using a UniFi USG...
  9. marlin178

    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    @PBCool Also experiencing issues with Vuma Aerial in Atholl since about 2PM today. Certain sites (both local & international)/apps are completely unresponsive yet on cellular data, they work perfectly. I’ve checked with an Ethernet cable and over Wi-Fi and same problem persists...
  10. marlin178

    The official Ubiquiti Devices Q&A Thread

    Prob is the cable but you never know... could also be a faulty PoE injector but try with the cable tester first.
  11. marlin178

    The official Ubiquiti Devices Q&A Thread

    So may seem like a daft question but are you sure your switch/router is a gigabit unit? In terms of power, if you login to the controller, click on on devices and then on the AP in question. On the left side, click on config and you’ll see a drop down for radios- you can change the channel and...
  12. marlin178

    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP - Feedback

    Hi @PBCool I hope you're well. I'm exhausting every possible option (phone/e-mail/social media) to try get Vumatel to actually fix my problem but was wondering if you could perhaps give me an update from your side: It seems that I'm not the only one with this issue as per other posts on...
  13. marlin178

    Criminals are killing free Wi-Fi in Tshwane

    From the pics, most of the stuff is Ubiquiti enterprise stuff - not their XG range which is suited to very large installs but the stuff is still enterprise grade. Problem is, is that more consumers/installers, myself included are using this type of equipment for home use as it's far better than...
  14. marlin178

    Help!! Cant get fiber

    I would almost deem this as a latent defect on the previous owners part. If you purchased the property, I would get hold of the transferring attorneys and inform me of this problem and tell them to get it sorted out (nicely at first) and then if no joy, threaten legal action against the...
  15. marlin178

    What the $%&! is an inverter?

    I would suggest that you try recharge them using a car battery as per your own suggestion and see if that works. If not, I would then contact Mustek about the unit. You'll prob find most of the co's that sold these things have long shut their doors
  16. marlin178

    Do you have a generator or battery bank at home to guard against load-shedding?

    Geewiz also have a few options.... Also, Standby Systems sell bespoke systems but you're gonna pay quite a bit but their products are really good. If I go for one of those Ellies modified sine wave units and then plug it into a smaller APC UPS (which is pure sine wave) to power just my router...
  17. marlin178

    Nintendo Switch or Xbox for 11yr old? Any Black Friday deal?

    Gonna get berated here for saying this but buy him a mountain bike or something that's healthy that he can still do with his mates
  18. marlin178

    Apple watch series 4 - Discovery

    I wouldn't touch this with a 50ft barge pole! When Discovery first launched these deals, I called them up and asked: "What happens if I'm sick and cannot exercise?" Their reply: "Sorry for you, you'll have to pay". In addition to this, the fact that they can chop and change their Vitality...
  19. marlin178

    Audi e-tron Giveaway - Win prizes worth R3,000

    Futuristic design and the whole concept