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    Please Rate Axxess

    I guess the the fact that Axxess can't even be bother to respond to my last message says alot.
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    Please Rate Axxess

    If you ever plan on leaving Axxess to go to another ISP be prepared for a struggle. Fibre migration is a joke and they simply don't have any urgency to get the matter resolved.
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    Hi. Not sure if this where i am supposed to contact you but if so, then let me know what you...

    Hi. Not sure if this where i am supposed to contact you but if so, then let me know what you need from me to get this line issue resolved.
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    Migrating from Cool Ideas to Afrihost Pure Fibre

    Is this supposed to be such a painful experience? I signed up for pure fibre and made arrangements with Axxess to have the line migrated at the end of August. It's now 4 September and Axxess say they have released the line and Afrihost say its not released. Result = I don't have any internet...
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    [RELEASE] DStv Now KODI Add-on

    Hi I have MyGica player and have the known problem with the DSTV app. I installed the DSTV addon for Kodi (updated to latest version). I also installed the widevine addon but when testing the widevine stream it doesn't do anything. Same thing on the dstv addon it shows a play icon next to the...
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    Electricity Charges

    Thanks for the response. Yes but that's what gets me. It's an office space with ceiling lights, a router and a laptop. All the other spaces around are similar type setups.
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    Electricity Charges

    Hi My wife's business recently moved into an office space in Kramerville. While our usage of electricity is around R300 a month we are charged roughly R2000 - R3000 with the majority of the charges being service and capacity charges. It's our first experience in a big office park but cannot...
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    Cell C Network Issues: Disconnects, Coverage, Throughput Problems - Report Here

    Cell C Fixed LTE through MWEB in Woodstock Cape Town has been shocking for a week. Signal appears to be full but the speed is woeful and there are frequent drops in connection. What's happening?