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    MTN Phone Upgrade - "not registered on network"

    How should I contact MTN to ask them to resolve a problem in getting my new phone (with new sim) to register on their network? Their call centre drops all the calls, and their (non mobile friendly) website doesn't provide any other means of contacting them.
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    MTN Service Suspended?!?!?

    I'm one of the Nashua Mobile contract customers that was transferred to MTN. There was a hiccup with a service suspension a couple of months ago, but its been fine since. Today the problem has cropped up again. Is anyone else experiencing this? How do I resolve it? I've DM'd @mtnservice.
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    Downloading Itunes from

    Has anyone else experienced a problem in accessing the itunes download functionality? It just seems to hang here, waiting.....
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    Recent Android convert - Kies connection and workarounds

    I've recently bought a Galaxy Note and am enjoying learning my way round the Android world. One immediate problem has been my inability to get the device to be recognised by Kies. I've tries all the fiddles (usb debugging/disallow usb debugging etc etc) with no success. I've finally given up and...
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    Advice on the best way to sync my nokia E72 and my laptop Windows 7/Outllook

    Nokia;s syn product used to be PC Suite, but without my cohernencem they're indicating that Ovi Suite/Syn is going to be their sync flagship for the future. It has less functionality than PC Suite, and requires your internet connection to be up to sync. I've used both on and off, but I'm...
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    Laptop doesn't detect SIM card

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this? I had a flakey external modem that I took to the Vodacom 3g shop to see if they could get it working properly, but not joy, its kaput. Now I've reverted back to the internal modem on my HP Probook 4310s. I slipped the SIM card back into into...
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    Billion HomePlug technology - any opions?

    hi all, I've struggled for ages with coming up with an accceptalbe networking solution for linking up a couple of laptops, a desptop, printer, and possibly an xbox/wii, so as to share a broadband connection and printer. The kit is in various rooms, as well as an outside study, acrooss an area...
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    Internal Modem Connectivity trouble

    I've got a newish HP Probbook 4310s, and have been using the internal modem for connectivity (vodacom). The trouble is, the connection drops regularly, often every few minutes, but the Connection Manager shows a strong signal (4-5 bars!). I took it into Vodacom, wonderin if it could be the sim...
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    Getting aound the ITunes SA Issue

    Hi there A (very) basic question: If I'm resident in South Africa and want to open an ITunes account, whats the best way to do it? I'm really enjoying this site, and its variety of discussions. However I think you need a category for e-Commerce - issues regarding pricing, availabilty...
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    Sitecom 3G router with E272

    As a newby to the wifi world, I thought I'd simply buy a router, and plug my vodacom e272 modem into it, and in a couple of secs I'd be sharing my internet connection? Wrong! I bought a sitecom 3G Ready ("Wireless Network UMTS Router 54G") wireless router at Dion Wired, and I've managed to get...