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    RAIN 5G Premium [Don't waste your money]

    Must be true then On a serious note , I had the same issue with WiFi . Much worse than a standard router . Together with the poor signal issues and piss poor support , I decided to return it
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    cell c fibre and router changes

    Nothing like this but good luck fixing it . Cell C / openserve ( they keep blaming each other ) closed my account. No explanation why it happened either . Took them 8 days to get it back on line . Had to effectively reapply online as a new connection. Call Centre useless. No one really cares ...
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    I used SweepSouth to clean my flat

    I used sweepsouth twice . First time was a disaster . After many emails they agreed to a discount for the next booking . It was just average .... haven’t used them since . I’ve asked them to take me off their database a few times - still getting their spam
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    When you can buy an electric VW in South Africa

    The range is calculated by a set process pretty much like fuel consumption Is. There are guidelines which may or may not be relevant to the real world , but at least the various manufacturers have to use same formula. Europe is moving to WLTP now so that will be the new norm...
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    Government approval for private power generators

    Individual households ? Doesn’t this approval only apply to above 1MW ? Unless they mean estates and complexes
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    ID card for naturalised SA citizen

    No. 0 is for citizen no matter where they were born. 1 is for perm resident .... who cannot vote for example and doesn’t have SA passport
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    Generator or Inverter for residential use?

    You said “ nope “ which in some places is meant to indicate disagreement .
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    Generator or Inverter for residential use?

    Isn’t that what I just said ... 35 +40 is 75 ( rounded)
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    Generator or Inverter for residential use?

    That system but inverter is about 35. Plus each battery approx 40.
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    Generator or Inverter for residential use?

    For sure Ideally I would want something like .... If battery level is x % and solar power incoming at more than Y watts, then switch on circuit Z etc , and I would like it with minimal programming and messing around so no coding etc Sounds easy but .... haven’t really seen anything like it...
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    Generator or Inverter for residential use?

    My geysers are hooked up to the inverter , on a timer to switch on for 2 hours , one goes on at 10am the other goes on at 12,15pm. But yes it does require some manual management on days like today where solar is producing almost zero power . So I switched them off .... they keep hot water in...
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    Anyone managed to get a RAIN refund

    I got a refund . Relatively painless.... just had to send them my banking details . Went through their online chat person
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    Rain on 5G uptake and its peak speeds

    They had the clause where if u don’t get the speed they will refund . At least the refund process worked well . I got my refund fairly promptly
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    South Africa is in deep trouble - Dawie Roodt

    Zim hit rock bottom a decade or two ago and look .... still there . I agree with your thinking but history ( in Africa ) has shown us otherwise
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    Bread substitute

    Mix with mixer or spoon? Sorry , new to baking anything
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    I am probably cancelling 5G by the end of the month.

    I just returned mine . Got it on Black Friday .... I’m on the 30 day trial thing but they have been stalling etc . Spent an 45 min with online support the one time doing all sorts of tests , screen shots etc. they send they will send a technician out . That was supposed to be last week . Last...
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    Braai Tongs

    Did you come right ? Also looking for a decent pair of tongs ? Those on take a lot look nice but ...R400
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    No loadshedding expected today™...

    Yep , will have to make a plan . Currently using a 600w pump but will need to make a plan as that pump won’t drive my heat pump