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    Coronavirus: “It would be suicidal for Africa not to learn the lessons from Europe.”

    I am willing to make a bet here that the country that will take on this crises in the most cost effective way will not by Germany, South Korea and China. it will be Senegal.
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    Confinement “can” increase the virus spread.

    So as we have seen by now, no country can selfisolate from this virus unless they test everyone. Only Germany and South Korea has managed to work that out. this video shows how the simulations work. As you can see the infection rate can go up if you have a central location like a supermarket...
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    More than 80% of Chinese testing kits give a false positive

    Guys here is an independent opinion of the Swiss institute against Propaganda. I am really beginning to think that this whole thing is a show. It sounds as if there is one big propaganda machine at work here.
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    Germany ramps up coronavirus tests to 500,000 a week

    The Germans are showing us all again how to do this. they are being advised by Christian Drosten His first statement was that the German government needs to...
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    I *might* have the virus!

    So my fiancé and I both noticed today that we have a loss of sense and smell and I had a moerse headacke and fever. She was too tired to get out of bed. Later today my lungs started hurting as I took a breath. we went to the doctor and France cannot test us since we aren’t severe, but he...
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    Silent COVID 19 carriers, advise from Europe

    Hi everyone I would like to caution everyone here to please PRESS the SA government or whoever you can to insist on getting everyone tested before the quarantine gets lifted. That is the mistake that we made in France, Spain and Italy. The issue is that almost 1/3 of people are silent carriers...
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    Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin as a treatment of COVID-19

    WARNING PLEASE DO NOT SELF MEDICATE Hey guys I have been following dr Didier Roault's work since the start of this virus where he says that chloroquin, known as Plaquenil in South Africa can be used to treat viral-infections. He also makes the point that it is dangerous to quarantine everyone...
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    Marriage contract

    My Fiance and I are planning our marriage for next year. We are getting married in France and the contracts are slightly different than in English countries. Eventually we are going for a regime of separate community of property . So the French lawyers are charging 250 euros per hour (and they...
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    South Africa, the next 5 years [discussion]

    I think we need to start talking about the short term prospects of South Africa and especially the next 5 years. What are your scenarios and how are you planning for the future? What do you think the country will most likely look like? I am asking this question, because of the recent trends in...
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    Tongue Posture/Teeth

    So I have always been skeptical of braces and dentists that always want to take our wisdom teeth. I eventually had mine taken out a age 24, which was late for most people. I was never convinced of the argument that we do not need them. So 2 nights ago I came across this video that explains that...
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    Meaning/Nihilism in the service sector

    The modern economy is becoming more and more service sector like. I used to deliver newspapers in school and now you get everything on the internet. My 2nd job was packing videos at Videorama, Netflix has replaced that. In South Africa I used to work on a building site, building some cellphone...