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    Have you ever been to a political rally?

    I've never been and never will. But I really don't understand why people go? Have you been and why?
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    Looking for a 24V POE to 48V converter

    I bought a Ratel 430P UPS to keep my LTE router and IP camera running during load shedding. Unfortunately, being new to POE, I didn't realise there is a 24V passive mode vs a 48V 802.3af active mode (and some other voltages too). The UPS POE outputs 24V and the camera wants 48V. So rather...
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    Please don't quote the spam.

    Ok, so apparently reporting **** posts cause work. Won't bother again.
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    SA security guard told 'to go back to Poland' in UK attack - reports
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    Leading causes of death in South Africa

    Contrary to popular belief, it’s not murder.
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    Compact Desktop Keyboard (i.e. without numeric keypad)

    I never use the numeric keypad and want to save space on my desk as well as avoid the occasional mouse hitting the side of the keyboard. The arrow and insert/delete/home/end/page-up/page-down keys must be as normal. So I don't want this kind of thing: But rather like this: I've found a few...
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    Streaming's Bounty of Choices Overwhelms Consumers I get bored with Showmax or Netflix within a few days. I try it every few years. Still doesn't do it for me.
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    Best Desktop Mouse?

    Not for gaming but for office and development work? What's your favourite?
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    Massive rock barrages fired by Alien terrorists from the Asteroid Belt at Earth

    The usual ME nonsense made me wonder... If the same happened on a planetary scale, would we fight among ourselves or would we pull together?
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    Hands up if you've ever been banned on MyBB

    An honours roll of sorts... Me
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    In Memoriam

    faniebraai MickeyD wrathex Dixie skoob While the gents got it recently the ladies got it a few years ago.
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    Have you bought from Achu and Sons Computer Complex?

    I want to get a Poynting XPOL-6 from them. Have you bought from them? They describe themselves as: Their advert:
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    Huawei caught cheating benchmark test for P20

    Quick read at The Verge: Longer read at Anandtech:
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    What poll should we post?

    What is your choice?
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    GroundUp Op-Ed: A stealthy attempt at censorship Freedom of speech is a fundamental right recognised in our Constitution. But that doesn’t mean everyone has to allow that speech anywhere you want to make it. By KEVIN CHARLESTON...
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    Threadkiller XVI: ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

    Where is my PM ?! Yes mad Rules
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    Using VMC with embedded Sierra Wireless on a Lenovo

    Hi all, I've got a Lenovo X300 with embedded Sierra Wireless 3G/HSDPA modem. The Lenovo comes with their own brand of software called "Lenovo Mobile Broadband Connect". When I install VMC it doesn't work, in fact all kinds of weird things happened I'd prefer to forget (many reboots later - did...