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  1. OtakuD

    Rate Telkom

    Very average performance, some days it's good but others nearly unusable. Also there is currently NO way I know of to report a fault with a LTE number (067) Cannot wait to move over to fibre
  2. OtakuD

    Test your speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    ISP: Telkom Internet Ping: 26ms Download: 13.2Mbps Upload: 7.26Mbps Test your speed:
  3. OtakuD

    Who do I report LTE issues with?

    Just note that when you change things on the network that they request to not be on the line you are trying to troubleshoot else you will be disconnected from live chat.
  4. OtakuD

    B618s-65D Band 2600 TDD Error

    Just note that the B618S does not have QoS or any way to backup settings or assign fixed IPs on a network, in my mind its a terrible "router" and is only good for speeds... if you even have the potential to get them.
  5. OtakuD

    Telkom Mobile Speed, Disconnections & Coverage Problems – click here first!

    Hey peeps, how does one report a fault for LTE? I see the website only accepts landline numbers. I tried phoning 180 but they reset my router which I spent hours setting up for the LAN and lost my sh!z, any alternative?
  6. OtakuD

    Telkom 3G & LTE SUPER SLOW

    KZN under 1Mbps yesterday and again today, was going fine before this.
  7. OtakuD

    B618s-65D Band 2600 TDD Error

    Takealot still have a 65D if you need, atm it's really not helping much but that might be due to the KZN outage, barely getting 100Kbps these past few days.
  8. OtakuD

    B618s-65D Band 2600 TDD Error

    My word, I misread the forum as the 65D being inclusive of both signals.... So what router is recommended for both Telkom capped and switching to Rain uncapped? I have no idea if the Rain connection on my side is even ok yet since I only get 3Mbps on 1800 signal so it might not even be worth...
  9. OtakuD

    B618s-65D Band 2600 TDD Error

    Hi peeps, I have a B618S-65D but I can't seem to use the bandtool 2600 TDD network for rain, is this the correct band? Keep getting this error: huawei_band_tool --network-mode 03 --network-band 3FFFFFFF --lte-band "+2600|TDD" [166] error: File: src/main.cpp Line: 1245 Function...
  10. OtakuD

    HUAWEI B618 LTE-A router discussion thread.

    Thanks for this link seems to be back in stock, hope I can get decent speeds now since I am getting anywhere from 1Mbps to 30Mbps at my location.
  11. OtakuD

    Telkom Mobile LTE Speedtest Results

    Hey peeps, had to switch to LTE since ADSL is being phased out. What routers do you all use? I see a lot of B525 and B618s but I definitely want to switch to fibre as soon as it becomes avaialble so the R2k of the top end 600Mbps Hauwei's seem overkill for my 220GB cap, especially since I can...
  12. OtakuD

    Telkom Internet Capped/Uncapped User Feedback (Pt2)

    Exactly this! Been arguing with Telkom for over a week now that there is a problem with their DNS but they deny everything and keep marking the case as "resolved". Opened my last case now, if it's not fixed I will give notice.
  13. OtakuD

    Telkom Internet Capped/Uncapped User Feedback (Pt2)

    Absolutely broken here in Kzn again, every start/end month is like this here, this will be the last time I report a fault and if it happens again will be jumping ship.
  14. OtakuD

    Telkom Internet Capped/Uncapped User Feedback (Pt2)

    Really slow connections to all Google services in KZN today DNS server failure: Telkom seem unable to troubleshoot this on 10210 Issues seems to be in Durban
  15. OtakuD

    Telkom Internet Capped/Uncapped User Feedback (Pt2)

    Something incredibly strange happened to my Telkom usage last night, supposedly I've used over 30GB in 24hrs which means a near full throttle connection but my home network only shows 10GB at most. Is there somewhere I can query this or get more info?
  16. OtakuD

    [Telkom] - Possible to temporarily upgrade line speed?

    yeah that's the case, ok so there is a wait period and I would imagine a downgrade period, thanks.
  17. OtakuD

    [Telkom] - Possible to temporarily upgrade line speed?

    Hey peeps, I have a number of large files to pull down thanks to Black Friday, was wondering if it was possible to temporarily upgrade my line and then revert it back after a few days? Any fees/penalties that will be incurred for doing so? Thanks
  18. OtakuD

    Telkom Internet Capped/Uncapped User Feedback (Pt2)

    Glad to see this is a thing and not just isolated cases, sad to see nobody seems to have had any joy fixing it though.
  19. OtakuD

    Telkom Internet Capped/Uncapped User Feedback (Pt2)

    Yeah this issue has been plaguing me throughout today, really annoying.