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    Rewriting maths

    Hi everyone My brother passed matric last year. He has generally good marks for his subjects with an exception to maths. The bad maths result is hampering is entrance to university. I have suggested he take this year to redo maths and write in November. Does anyone know if this is possible...
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    Vodacom black Friday

    Add R175pm to any contract and get 20GB pm
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    Cheapest prepaid plan on MTN

    Hi all I am currently trying to find out what is the best prepaid per second plan on MTN. Getting conflicting rates on their website, t'cs and the app. Does anyone know , through experience, what the best plan is? Thanks!
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    200GB bundle questions

    Hi All I have 3 questions for those who have one of CellCs giga bundles such as the 200GB bundle loaded 1) what happens when you roam on vodacom? Does it deplete your bundle or will it use airtime , if available? 2) I'm not sure how the mtn roaming deal will differ , but from what I heard is...
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    CA Articles at a bank

    Howzit Guys I need some advice regarding doing CA training at a bank. I start my training next year and am in the process of applying. I have done auditing vacation work and for me it felt a bit mind numbing, so decided to look at other options. I would ultimately like to end up working in...
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    Tax claim for student

    Howzit Over the past few months I have done vacation work and have been charged a cumulative few hundred rand in what seems to be a tax deduction. To my understanding you have to earn over a certain amount to be paying tax, which I am not. Can anyone advise if it possible to claim this tax...
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    Sim Sonke

    Sup Guys So I just got an SMS on my sim sonke sim card saying that national roaming (via MTN) is now enabled :) Which officially makes Sim Sonke on Telkom Mobile the cheapest prepaid plan. Calls to other at 75c Calls in Telkom Mobile at 29c SMS/MMS/MB 29c Data bundles can be loaded as well...
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    Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus

    Hi Guys < Sold> D
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    Video Calling Via network

    So I was wondering what ever happened to this service? Most smartphones have an option of making a video call via the phone network. The only cost incurred is the cost of the call- no data. Why doesn't feature get any light? It's very reliable when under 3G and doesn't have those 'Skype'...
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    Career in telecommunications

    Hi guys I am currently in matric and would like to pursue a career in telecommunications. My question is, what job types are in demand within this field and offers good pay? I ask because I would like to know what degree I should study. My instinct is tending towards electrical...
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    New Cell C Prefixes Hi How do I get my hands on a 0611 number? (Or maybe even personalise it?) Perhaps Cell_C can confirm?
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    Are we content with this

    For SA's "LEADING" network, I find this absolutely disgusting and a slap in the face. Do they think we idiots??
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    CellC 8ta merge

    Hi What do you guys think about this? Feasible?